ID 451
Name Thomas Plummer [Seething Lane]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 9 Black Raven Court, Seething Lane
City London
Start Date 1799
End Date 1815


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer De Valcourt; in two volumes. Bennett , Anna Maria (Author)
Lake , Eliza (Author)
Printer Tales of Truth. By a Lady. Under the patronage of the Duchess of York. In four volumes. H. , E. (Author)
Printer The ladies elegant jester, or fun for the female sex; being a chaste and delicate selection of good things, written By Mrs. Montague, the Countess Aisborough, Lady Douglass, the Countess of Wimbledon, and other Literary Ladies; whose Bon Mots, Witticisms, Cutting Repartees, and Curious Puns, have enlivened the fashionable World for nearly a Century past; together with many originals, by Ann Sophia Radcliffe. Radcliffe , Ann (Author)
Radcliffe , Ann (Compiler)
Printer The Spinster's Tale; in which is introduced, Langbridge Fort, A Romance. By Ann Wingrove, author of Letters Moral and Entertaining. In Three Volumes. Wingrove , Ann (Author)
Printer Neville Castle; or, The Generous Cambrians. A Novel, in Four Volumes. By the Author of Raynsford Park. Purbeck , Jane (Author)
Printer The Secret Oath: or Blood-Stained Dagger, a Romance. Unknown , (Author)
Printer The Exile of Erin. A Novel, in three volumes. By Mrs. Plunkett, late Miss Gunning. Gunning , Elizabeth (Author)
Printer Authentic Memoirs of Mrs. Clarke, in which is pourtrayed [sic] the Secret History and Intrigues of many characters in the first circles of fashion and high life; and containing the whole of her correspondence during the time she lived under the protection of his Royal highness The Duke of York, the gallant Duke's Love Letters, and other interesting papers never before published. By Miss Elizabeth Taylor. Second Edition. Taylor , Elizabeth (Author)

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