ID 4635
Name Nathaniel Hailes [172 Piccadilly]
Gender Male
Street Address 172 Piccadilly
City London
Start Date 1822
End Date 1827
Related Firms Nathaniel Hailes [173 Piccadilly]
John Sharpe and Nathaniel Hailes
Nathaniel Hailes [168 Piccadilly]


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Nourjahad: adorned with cuts. Sheridan , Frances Chamberlaine (Author)
Unknown , (Editor)
Bookseller The journal of a governess. By E.W. W. , E. (Author)
White , Harriet (Bookseller)
Publisher Rational Sports, Or The Game of Trades and Commerce: In Dialogues Passing Among The Children Of a Family. Designed as a Slight Specimen of the method which his believed would succeed in leading children to a relish for knowledge. By Mrs Teachwell. A New and Improved Edition, with Fine Cuts. Fenn , Ellenor (Author)
Publisher A series of prints taken from the New Testament: designed to illustrate Mrs. Trimmer's Scripture lessons from that portion of the Holy Scriptures. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Marshall , Eleanor (Publisher)
Publisher Sacred history, in familiar dialogues, for the instruction of youth: with maps. To which is added, the history of the Jews, from the time of Nehemiah to the destruction of Jerusalem. By Miss H. Neale, author of 'Amusement Hall,' 'Britannus and Africus,' &c. &c. With a recommendatory preface, by the Rev. John Ryland, D.D. In two volumes. Neale , Hannah (Author)
Publisher Scripture lessons: designed to accompany a series of prints, from the New Testament. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer , Sarah (Author)
Marshall , Eleanor (Publisher)
Bookseller A natural history of the most remarkable quadrupeds, birds, fishes, serpents, reptiles, and insects. By Mrs. Mary Trimmer, Author of The History of Man in a Savage and Civilized State, &c. Trimmer , Mary (Author)
Publisher Sacred Dramas. Chiefly Intended for Young Persons. The Subjects Taken from the Bible . . . . More , Hannah (Author)

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