ID 4842
Name Nathaniel and John Muggeridge
Gender Male
Street Address 92 Borough High Street
City London
Start Date 1802
End Date 1812


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller French murder! A circumstantial account of the reported conspiracy against Buonaparte, with the particulars relative to the apprehension and examination of the accused persons, viz. General Moreau, Pichegru, Georges, &c., &c. With the cruel Treatment experienced by them, in the various Places of their confiement. Likewise an authenitc detail o the Murder of the Duke D'Enghein; (Son of the Duke of Bourbon, and Grandson of the Prince de Conde) Who was most inhumanely shot, in the night of the 22nd of March, in a wood at Vicennes. To which is added, Gen. Moreau's letter to Buonaparte, on the subject of the conspiracy. Kemmish , Ann (Publisher)
Kemmish , Ann (Printer)
Unknown , (Author)
Publisher The midnight bell, or the Abbey of St. Francis. An original romance. By the authoress of Alphonso and Elinor; Three Ghosts of the Forest, &c. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Kemmish , Ann (Printer)
Publisher Fun and frolic; or, A comic journal of wit. Being a new collection of humourous jests, bon mots, Irish blunders, whimsical adventures, double entendres, sharp repartees, droll stories, and anecdotes of various well-known facetious characters, who, in a decided oppositon to melancholy, pledged themselves to live in constant emnity to old care, till they effected his dissolution in the stream of their mirth. Unknown , (Author)
Kemmish , Ann (Publisher)
Kemmish , Ann (Printer)
Publisher The beauty and the beast, or The magic rose; a new aerial and terrestrial romantic tale of enchantment. By W. Kemmish. Founded on the new splendid melo-dramatic spectacle, called the cloud king, performing with the most unparalleled Applause, at the New Royal Circus Kemmish , William (Author)
Kemmish , Ann (Publisher)
Kemmish , Ann (Printer)

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