ID 4995
Name Sarah Hyde
Gender Female
Street Address Dame Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1728
End Date 1749
Related People Hyde, Sarah
Related Firms Sarah Hyde and Eliphal Dobson II
Sarah Hyde and Jane Dobson


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller Books printed by and for S. Hyde, bookseller in Dame-Street. Hyde , Sarah (Author)
Printer Books printed by and for S. Hyde, bookseller in Dame-Street. Hyde , Sarah (Author)
Publisher Books printed by and for S. Hyde, bookseller in Dame-Street. Hyde , Sarah (Author)
Publisher Romae Antiquae Notitia: or, the antiquities of Rome. In two parts. I. A short history of the rise, progress, and decay of the Commonwealth. II. A description of the city: an account of the religion, civil government, and art of war; with the remarkable customs and ceremonies, publick and private. With copper cuts of the principal buildings, &c. To which are prefix'd two essays, concerning the Roman learning, and the Roman education. By Basil Kennett, of C.C.C. Oxon. The tenth edition. Kennett , Basil (Author)
Reilly , Alice (Printer)
Hyde , Sarah (Publisher)
Bookseller A catalogue of charity pamphlets, as they are sold single and by the hundred. By Sarah Hyde, bookseller in Dame's-Street. Hyde , Sarah (Author)
Publisher A discourse (seasonable at this time) concerning the laws, ecclesiastical and civil, made against hereticks, by popes, emperors and kings, Provincial and General Councils, approved by the Church of Rome: shewing I. What Protestant subjects may expect to suffer under a Popish Prince acting according to the laws. II. That no oath or promise of sucha Prince can give themany just security that he will not execute these laws upon them. With a preface against persecuting and destroying hereticks. By a cordial friend to the Protestant religion now by law established in these realms. Now re-published with an introduction. Barlow , Thomas (Author)
Reilly , Alice (Printer)
Hyde , Sarah (Publisher)
Publisher The ax laid to the root of popery: or, A strong preservative against the Romish missionaries, who are extraordinarily busy, promising themselves numerous conversions among the ignorant; occasion'd by the schisms, impiety and atheism, so deplorably growing among us. With plain and easy reflections upon the articles of faith of the Church of Rome, sufficient to render the creed of Pope Pius IV. incredible. Reilly , Alice (Printer)
de Daillon , Jacques (Author)
Publisher A sermon preach'd at St. Anne's, Dublin, on Thursday the 9th of October, 1746. Being the day appointed for a general thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the suppression of the late unnatural rebellion, and deliverance of these kingdoms from the calamaties of an intestine war. By John Madden, D. D. Dean of Kilmore, and chaplain to His Excellency Phillip Earl of Chesterfield. Reilly , Alice (Printer)
Madden , John (Author)
Hyde , Sarah (Publisher)

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