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Name Daniel Steele
Gender Male
Street Address 472 South Market Street
City Albany
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Bookseller The Scottish chiefs, a romance. : Five volumes in two. By Miss Jane Porter, author of Thaddeus of Warsaw, and Remarks on Sidney's aphorisms. (From the London edition of 1810.) Porter , Jane (Author)
Bookseller Chesterfield Travestie; or, School for Modern Manners. Embellished with six caricatures, Engraved from original Drawings by Rowlandson. From the last London edition. Bailey , Lydia R. (Printer)
Woodward , George Moutard (Author)
Bookseller Married life; or, Faults on all sides. A novel. In two volumes. By Miss Howard. Howard , Isabella (Author)
Bailey , Lydia R. (Printer)
Bookseller Traits of Nature, by Miss Burney. In Two Volumes. Burney , Sarah Harriet (Author)
Bookseller Traits of Nature. By Miss Burney. In two volumes. Burney , Sarah Harriet (Author)
Bookseller Santo Sebastiano; or, The young protector. By the author of "The romance of the Pyrenees." In three volumes. Cuthbertson , Catherine (Author)
Bookseller Santo Sebastiano; or, The Young Protector. By the author of "The Romance of the Pyrenees." In three volumes. Cuthbertson , Catherine (Author)
Bookseller No. 2, being an additional account of the conduct of the Shakers, in the case of Eunice Chapman and her children with their religious creed. Written by herself. Also, a refutation of the Shakers remonstrance to the proceedings of the legislature of 1817. By Thomas Brown. Also, the deposition of Mary Dyer, who petitioned the legislature of the state of New-Hampshire for relief in a similar case. Also, affidavits from different persons who have been members of the Shaker society. Also, communications from the state of Ohio, respecting the Shakers in that state, and others. Also, the proceedings of the Legislature of the state of New-York, in this case for three years. Chapman , Eunice (Author)
Brown , Thomas (Author)
Dyer , Mary Marshall (Author)
Publisher The History of little Henry and his bearer. Sherwood , Mary Martha (Author)

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