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Burney, Frances, Maria Edgeworth, Elizabeth Inchbald, Ann Radcliffe, Samuel Richardson, Charlotte Lennox, Oliver Goldsmith, Charlotte Smith, Horace Walpole, John Hawkesworth, John Moore, Francis Coventry, Henry Fielding, Samuel Johnson, Richard Graves, Daniel Defoe, and Clara Reeve. The British Novelists; with an Essay, and Prefaces Biographical and Critical, by Mrs. Barbauld. A New Edition. London: Joseph Booker, Thomas Cadell and William Davies, Joseph Mawman [Poultry], James Scatcherd and Charles Letterman [Litterman], Francis, Charles and John Rivington, John Richardson [Royal Exchange], John Miller [69 Fleet Street], James Asperne, Samuel Bagster [Strand], James Nunn, Lackington and Co., James Carpenter [14 Old Bond Street], William Lowndes [Bedford Street], Cuthell and Martin, John Murray II [Fleet Street], Edward Jeffery and Son, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Co., T. Wilkie, J. and W. T. Clarke, John Otridge [1816-21], James Black [York Street], Hannah Black and Co., John Richardson [Royal Exchange], James Malcott Richardson, R. Scholey, Robert Harding Evans [96 Pall Mall], Anthony King Newman and Co., John Booth, William Ginger [1767-1792, 1805-1830], Robert Baldwin, Charles Cradock, and William Joy, Thomas Hodgson, John Bohn, John Ebers [27 Old Bond Street], Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, G. and W. B. Whittaker, Stirling & Slade, Fairbairn and Anderson, Henry Setchell and Son, Whitmore and Fenn, Rowland Hunter, G. Cowir and Co., Robert Saunders, Thomas and Joseph Allman [Princes St], J. Boone, C. Brown, J. Brumby, Edwards and Co., Thomas Hamilton, J. Lepard, G. Mackie, William Mason [London], Ogle, Duncan, and Co., John Rodwell and Martin, Thomas Hurst, George Robinson and Co. [Cheapside], Thomas Wilson and Sons, 1820.