ID 6085
Name Lacy Hawes and Co.
Gender Female
Street Address Paternoster-Row.
City London
Start Date 1765
End Date 1775
Sources British Book Trade Index 31967
Related People Hawes, Lacy
Related Firms Lacey Hawes, William Clarke, and Robert Collins
Lacey Hawes


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher A practical new grammar, with exercises of bad English: or, an easy guide to speaking and writing the English language properly and correctly. ... The tenth edition, enlarged and much improved. By A. Fisher. Fisher Slack , Ann (Author)
Richardson , Mary (Publisher)
Hawes , Lacy (Publisher)
Publisher The Pleasing Instructor: Or, Entertaining Moralist. Consisting Of Select Essays, Relations, Visions and Allegories, Collected From The most Eminent English Authors. To which are prefixed, New Thoughts on Education. Designed for the Use of Schools, as well as the Closet; with a view to form the rising Minds of the Youth of both Sexes to Virtue, and destroy in the Bud, those Vices and Frailties, which Mankind, and Youth in particular, are addicted to. The Fifth Edition, Enlarged and Improved. Fisher Slack , Ann (Author)
Hawes , Lacy (Publisher)
Bookseller The New English Tutor: or, Modern Preceptor. Consisting of Orthography (or the Art of Spelling and Reading) digested into a practical System, under a few plain early Rules, which any Child must be capable of retaining. Observations on the particular Powers of Letters, and such as vary in their Uses and Sounds, according to their different Positions, the Uses of the quiescent Letters, &c. All exemplified by Lessons, or Exercises under them, methodized to advance a Learner in the readiest Manner to read a modern Author. Also, A Practical Abstract of English Grammar. This Work is beautified with elegant Cuts, representing such Vices as Children are most addicted to, and such Virtues as should be first inculcated: Likewise several Fable Cuts, with striking Lessons, referring to each particular Passion, &c. The third edition, much improved and enlarged. By A. Fisher, Author of the New English Grammar with Exercises of bad English. The third edition. Much improved and enlarged. Fisher Slack , Ann (Author)
Fisher Slack , Ann (Publisher)

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