ID 659
Name John Tallis I [7 Warwick Square]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 7 Warwick Square, Newgate Street
City London
Start Date 1820
End Date 1822


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher The Mysterious Marriage, or The Will of My Father, by Catherine G. Ward, Authoress of "The Daughter of St Omer", "My Native Land", "Bachelors Heiress", "The Primrose Girl" &c. &c. Ward, Catharine George 1820
Publisher The Rose of Claremont, or Daughter, Wife & Mother, by Catherine G. Ward, authoress of the "Mysterious Marriage," "The Daughter of St. Omer," "My Native Land," &c. &c. Ward, Catharine George 1820
Publisher Elizabeth, or the Exiles of Siberia. An entire new translation with geographical notes, to which is added The Authentic History of Miss Moreton, and the Faithful Cottager. Also Paul & Virginia. Cottin, Sophie Ristaud 1821
Bookseller Family Portraits; or, Descendants of Trelawney. By Catherine G. Ward, authoress of—The Mysterious Marriage,—The Rose of Claremont,—Poems,—The Orphan Boy,—Bachelor's Heiress,—My Native Land,—&c. &c. Ward, Catharine George 1822
Bookseller The Mysterious Marriage; or, The Will of My Father. By Catherine G. Ward, Authoress of—Family Portraits,—The Rose of Claremont,—The Orphan Boy,—Poems,—The Daughter of St. Omer,—My Native Land,—Robertina,—Son and the Nephew,—The Primrose Girl,—Tales of my Grandmother, &c. &c. Ward, Catharine George 1822

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