ID 6683
Name Agnes Campbell
Gender Female
Street Address
City Edinburgh
Start Date 1676
End Date 1716
Related People Campbell, Agnes
Related Firms Elizabeth and Issobell Anderson
Notes Often published under "Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson."


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Act of against landlords setting of houses, &c. to strangers without testificats, Edinburgh, the 28 February, 1701. Stuart , Ja (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Act Adjourning the Session till the first of July. June 12 1702. Dalrymple , James (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Act for securing the true Protestant religion, and Presbyterian government. June 12 1702. Alexander , Ro. (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer An Account of the last Words of Christian Karr. Who dyed at Edinburgh on the 4th of February 1702, in the Eleventh Year of her Age: Shewing How much she was ravished with the Assurances of her Interest in Christ, and the hope of Heaven. There is added a Conclusion containing the Use and Improvement of what is related, By Mr. Archibald Deans Minister of the Gospel at Bouden. Karr , Christian (Author)
Deanes , Archibald (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Act against prophaneness. Edinburgh, the 9th of August 1693. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Act against adultery, and trilapse in fornication. Edinburgh, April 12, 1704. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Act against playing at cards and dice, &c. Edinburgh, April 12. 1704. Watt , Adam (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer An Account Of a Great Victory obtained by his Grace the Duke of Marlborough, over the Elector of Bavaria and Count Tallard. London, August 10. 1704. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer An account of the forcing the French lines, by His Grace the Duke of Marlborough: Whitehall July 14th 1705. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Churchill , John (Author)
Printer An acompte Current Betwixt Scotland & England Ballanced: Togeter with An Essay of a Scheme of the Product of Scotland, and a few Remarks on each. As also A View of the several Products of the Ports or Nations we Trade to, by Comparing and holding forth how our Products and Manufactures may Ballance theirs, with Returns. By J. S. A Lover of our protestant Queen, Countrey, and Trade. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Spruel , John (Author)
Printer An account of a great victory, obtained by the English, Dutch and Danish forces, under the command of His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, over the French army in the Netherlands. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Act Adjourning the Session to the fourth Day of February next to come. As Edinburgh, the 2d of January 1707. Murray , James (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Act and intimation anent opening of the mint and re-coining the forreign money: at Edinburgh the twenty two day of August, one thousand seven hundred and seven years. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer An Account of the Glorious Victory obtained by the Duke of Marlborough over the French. Windsor, July 5th, 1708. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer An abstract of the act for granting an aid to Her Majesty to be raised by a land-tax in Great Britain, for the service of the year 1709. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer An abstract of the Act for the speedy and effectual recruiting Her Majesties land-forces and marines for the service of the year 1709. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer The Accidences Of the Parts of Speech; Or the Rudiments of Etymology. After a New and Easy Method. Containing, 1. The Alphabet with its Division, and the Definitions of the eight parts of Speech most intelligible by youth; Page1: 2. The Accidences of Noun and Pronoun with their Examples and all that relates to them; from Page 2 till 8. 3. Verb & its Accidences with four Regular Examples & some Irregular. and what necessarily belongs thereto, all exposed by way of Tables, to one glance of the Eye; for the help of the Local Memory. from P, 8, till 17. 4. Participle with all that relates thereto, Adverbs, Prepositions, Interjections and Conjunctions, with their English, and all that may necessarily relate to them, Page 17 to the end. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Blau , Robert (Author)
Printer A brief reply to the letter from Edinburgh, relating to the case of Mrs. Anderson, Her Majesty's printer in Scotland. Campbell , Agnes (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer Advice to communicants, for necessary preparation, and profitable improvement of the great and comfortable ordinance of the Lord’s Supper: that therein true spiritual communion with Christ may be obtained, and the eternal enjoyment of God sealed. By Robert Craghead Minister of the Gospel in L. Derry. Craghead , Robert (Author)
Campbell , Agnes (Printer)
Printer An Account of the Engagement near Dublain Yesterday the 13th Instant, betwixt the King's Army under the Command of his Grace the Duke of Argyll, and the Rebels commanded by Mar. Campbell , Agnes (Printer)

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