ID 6760
Name Emanuel Matthews
Gender Male
Street Address at the Bible in Pater-Noster-Row
City London
Start Date 1683
End Date 1734
Sources British Book Trade Index 45966


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher The Occasional paper. Vol. III. Numb. IX. of plays and masquerades. The Second Edition. Unknown , (Author)
Dodd I , Anne (Publisher)
Publisher The occasional paper. Vol. III. Numb. XI. An essay to prevent uncharitable contentions about the doctrine of the trinity. Lowman , Moses (Author)
Dodd I , Anne (Publisher)
Publisher The occasional paper. Vol. III. Numb. XII. An address to persons of figure, and of estates, and to all in general; with relation to the societies for reformation of manners. Dodd I , Anne (Publisher)
Unknown , (Author)
Publisher The uncharitableness of modern charity, and the infidelity of modern faith, expos'd in a new way: Maintaining That Faith, not the Notion of it, is Faith: That Charity, not the Notion of it, is Charity. And That Living, not Arguing for Faith or Charity, is the Best way of Arguing for Faith or Charity. With an important Remark or two on the late Differences among Some Dissenters. - And a seasonable word or two upon Loyalty. - And a Preface in Praise of Imposition. In a letter to the Reverend Dr. Calamy and Mr. I. Watts. By a theological, thinking layman (of Cambridge.) Whereunto is annex'd, an appendix, Giving some Account of Cassiodorus (an old learned Roman Senator) and his Antique MS. of part of the New Testament, lately discover'd at Verona in Italy. - Herein is inserted his material Passage relating to the Trinity. Whereunto is added, a critical disquisition. By Phileleutherus trinitoniensis. Legh , George (Author)
Dodd I , Anne (Publisher)
Publisher The Most advantageous and necessary project for England, that ever was yet undertaken. Containing I. Very reasonable proposals for insuring all the sea-walls, or sea-banks, and marsh-grounds thereunto belonging, within the kingdom of England, principality of Wales, and adjacent parts of North-Britain, from loss and damage by overflowing tides and inundations of of the sea, or from any dreadful and destructive effects, which may be occasioned that way. The whole being, laid down in a very rational scheme, and method of procedure. II. Very easy proposals for gaining all sorts of marsh-lands from the sea, which never have been taken in before. III. Reasonable proposals for insuring keys and wharfs, and for clearing and enlarging of docks and harbours, any where within the above mentioned bounds. IV. The draining of fens proposed after a new method, which will effectually preserve great quantities of corn in some counties of the kingdom from the damage it commonly sustains in moist or wet summers. V. Proposals for preparing, or forming mill-ponds for rape-mills, or corn-mills, on convenient creeks of the sea; as also for clearing and enlarging mill-ponds that are landed up. Proposals for drawing canals from fresh-water rivers to noblemens seats in the country; as also for rendering rivers navigable. By a Society at London. Unknown , (Author)
Dodd I , Anne (Bookseller)

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