ID 11975
Last Name Dodd I
First Name Anne
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1685
Date of Death 1739
Place of Birth
Place of Death
Related Firms Anne Dodd II
Anne Dodd I
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Role Title Date
Publisher The examiners for the year 1711. To which is prefix'd, A letter to the Examiner. 1712
Publisher The Lord Mohun's vindication. 1712
Bookseller A scheme for, an effectual method to prevent the exportation of wooll. By Richard Carter, and Peter Ellers. June 20. 1713. 1713
Publisher Part of the seventh epistle of the first book of Horace imitated: and address'd to a noble peer. 1713
Publisher Part of the seventh epistle of the First book of Horace imitated: and address'd to a noble peer. The Third Edition. 1713
Publisher The first ode of the second book of Horace paraphras'd: and address'd to Richard St--le, Esq; 1713
Publisher A caveat against the Tories: In an impartial view of their behaviour in the reigns of K. James II, K. William III, and Her Majesty Q. Anne; with some account of what may be expected from them at present, by their reviving the assertion of hereditary right. To which is added, a tory-example: in the infamous life and character of the Late Curate of Gravesend, prov'd by remarkable testimonials, affidavits, and certificates. By a Presbyter of the Church of England. 1714
Bookseller A Secret History of One Year 1714
Bookseller A sermon preach'd the 27th of November, 1713. In commemoration of the great and dreadful storm in November, 1703. In which some account is given of the damages sustain'd; and the advantages of calling it again to remembrance. Publish'd at the desire of several gentlemen who annually observe that day. By Benjamin Stinton. 1714
Bookseller A short account of thf itch, inveterate itching humours, scabbiness and leprosie: plainly describing their symptoms, nature , original cause and true care. with the Reason why so many miss of it for many Months, Years, &c. Shewing that it may be easily and safely accomplished without the Nauseous Use of Brimstone, Confinement of the Patient, or the Knowledge of other Person. As Also the imminent danger those afflicted with such Defilements of the Skin run, of fall into the Palsie, Apoplexy, Falling Sickness, Asthma, incurable consumption, &c. by Ill Methods of Cure, and pernicious Mercurial Medications. Necessary to be read by all Persons, but more especially those who are unhappily troubled with the ITCH, or any other Cutaneous Distemper. By T. S. 1714
Publisher A short essay on the scurvy: in which the Causes and Cure of that disease Are briefly Stated and Demonstrated. First, Representing the deceivable Forms and Characters under which it disguises it self. Secondly, The various, remote, and principal Causes of it examin'd. Thirdly, The material Causes discover'd. And, Fourthly, The best and most effectual Method of Cure exemplified in exceeding dangerous and contumacious Symptoms. With A Touch on Old Venereal Cases, and some remarks on the Doctrine of Acids and Alkalies. 1714
Publisher A town eclogue: or, a poetical contest between Toby and a minor poet of B-tt-n's Coffee-House; At a Bookseller's Shop near Temple-Bar; being an imitation after the new mode of the 3d eclogue of Virgil. Inscrib'd to the author of the Tale of a tub. And hated Wharton like a Toad, &c. 1714
Publisher Rex redux: or, the history of the restoration of his sacred Majesty K. Charles II. Of pious memory, to his hereditary kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, on the twenty ninth of May, 1660. With the Precedent Actions and Passages, that contributed thereunto. Extracted out of the Earl of Clarenden's History, Sir Philip Warwick's and Ludlow's Memoirs, &c. 1714
Publisher The apparition; or, the sham-wedding. A comedy: as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majesty's servants. By a gentleman of Christ-Church College in Oxford. 1714
Bookseller The divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, proved to be the primitive and apostolick doctrine of the Catholick Church: with a curious remark on the validity of the Sibylline oracles. Translated from the Latin of the Right Reverend Dr. George Bull, late Lord Bishop of St. David's. By a presbyter of the Church of England. 1714
Publisher The first ode of the second book of Horace paraphras'd: and address'd to Richard St--le, Esq; 1714
Publisher The history of the lives of the most noted highway-men, foot-pads, house-breakers, shop-lifts and cheats, of both sexes, in and about London, and other Places of Great-Britain, for above fifty years last past. Wherein their most secret and barbarous Murders, unparallel'd Robberies, notorious Thefts, and unheard of Cheats, are expos'd to the Publick. By Capt. Alexander Smith. In two volumes. The Second Edition. 1714
Bookseller The life and character of Jane Shore. Collected from our best historians, chiefly from the writings of Sir Thomas More; Who was her Cotemporary, and Personally knew her. Humbly offer'd to the readers and spectators of her tragedy written by Mr. Rowe. Inscrib'd to Mrs. Oldfield. 1714
Bookseller The sure side: or, God and the Church. A sermon preached on the fifth of November, 1714. in the parish of St. John Wapping. By Thomas Simmons. 1714
Bookseller The sure side: or, God and the church. A sermon preached on the fifth of November, 1714. in the parish of St. John Wapping. By Thomas Simmons. The Second Edition. 1714
Publisher Trojan tales, related by Ulysses, Helenus, Hector, Achilles, and Priam. 1714
Publisher Who runs next: or, the Lord B--ke's confession. Found in his closet since his departure for France. Faithfully publish'd from the original by Mr. Dean S-. To which are added, some other papers relating to the Earl of Mortimer, M-w P-r, Esq; and the rest of the late managers. 1714
Bookseller A hymn to be sung on the thanksgiving day. 1715
Publisher A letter to the Bishop of Salisbury, occasion'd by his son's letter to the Earl of Hallifax. Containing a fair state of the case of the late ministry, and a full answer to all Mr. Burnet's arguments for an impeachment. By a good friend to the late Ministers. 1715
Bookseller A memorial deliver'd by Mr. Prior, Envoy-Extraordinary of his Britannick Majesty, to His most Christian Majesty, against The Fortifying the Ports and Harbours of Dunkirk and Mardike. The French King's Answer thereunto. A Memorial deliver'd to his Britannick Majesty in Holland, in Favour of the French Protestant Galley-Slaves. With the King's most Gracious Answer. The Buckinghamshire Electors Instructions to their Representatives, &c. The Citizens of London's Instructions to their Representatives. As Also the Protests of the Lords against the Clandestine Steps taken for a Separate Peace. Humbly offer'd to the Consideration of the Honourable House of Commons. 1715

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