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Brown , M. (1819). Lays of affection. Edinburgh: John Hatchard [190 Piccadilly] Waugh and Innes [1818-25]
Chapone , H.M., & Gregory , J., & Pennington , S. (1821). Letters on the improvement of the mind. addressed to a lady. by mrs. chapone. a father's legacy to his daughters. by dr gregory. a mother's advice to her absent daughters. by lady pennington. with lives of the authors. Edinburgh: Thomas Tegg [111 Cheapside] William Oliphant. Waugh and Innes [1818-25] James Robertson [Parliament Square] William Whyte and Co. Fairbairn and Anderson. Macredie, Skelly, and Co. John Bell and John Bradfute [6 Parliament Close] John Robertson. Stirling & Slade.
Unknown , ., & Taylor (later Gilbert) , A. (1823). The little foundling: a story. Edinburgh: Charles Chalmers and William Collins [14 Wilson Street] Richard Moore Tims. Waugh and Innes [1818-25] James Nisbet [Castle Street] Francis Westley.
Tonna , C.E.(.P. (1825). Osric. a missionary tale; with, the garden, and other poems. by charlotte elizabeth. dedicated with permission to mrs. hannah more. Dublin: George B. Whittaker. William Oliphant. Charles Chalmers and William Collins [63 Wilson Street] John Hatchard and Son [187 Piccadilly] William Curry, Jun. & Co. Francis Westley. Waugh and Innes [1818-25] William Bulgin. Charles Chalmers and William Collins [15 Wilson Street]