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Smith, Simon. The golden fleece: or the trade, interest, and well-being of Great Britain considered. With remarks on the rise, progress, and present decay of our woollen manufactures. Also An Estimate of this Valuable Trade, fairly and clearly stated, and the great Proportion given up Yearly to Foreigners. By Suffering (or Conniving at) the illegal Exportation of British and Irish Wool, and Woollen Goods throughly Manufactured in Ireland, to Foreign Parts. Likewise Heads for a Bill, to put an effectual Stop to this matchless Evil, so injurious to both King and Country. To which is added, a scheme, or proposal, For taking away many burthensome Duties on some of the most Essential Necessaries of Life, viz. Leather, Soap, Candles, Painted Silks, and Starch, by replacing the like Sum, in Lieu of the said Taxes, on a small Duty on Wool, and to replace those Officers, that at this Time are employed on Leather, Soap, Candles, &c. to register the Wool of Great Britain and Ireland; by which Alteration, our Woollen Manufactures may be afforded cheaper than at present, thro' every Hand they pass, 'till they arrive at Foreign Markets, and no Condition of Men will pay One Shilling, where they now pay Ten, on account of the several Taxes beforementioned, and at the same Time, add many Millions yearly to the Trade of the Nation. Submitted to the Consideration of Parliament, as also to the Landlords, Tenants, Manufacturers, and Fair Traders, for whose Ease and Benefit this is designed. London: Robert Viney, Thomas Cooper, Anne Dodd I, 1736.