ID 768
Name John Beatty [Capel Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 12 Capel Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1785
End Date 1792


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Authentic anecdotes of the life and transactions of Mrs. Margaret Rudd: Consisting of a Variety of Facts hitherto unknown to the Public. Addressed in a series of letters to the now (by a late act of Parliament) Miss Mary Lovell. In two volumes. Rudd , Margaret Caroline (Author)
Publisher Letters from Italy, describing the manners, customs, antiquities, paintings, &c. of that country, in the years MDCCLXX and MDCCLXXI, to a friend residing in France. By an English woman. In three volumes. Riggs-Miller , Anna (Author)
Publisher The morality of Shakespeare's drama illustrated. In two volumes. By Mrs. Griffith. Griffith , Elizabeth (Author)
Publisher The Siege of Sinope. A tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Covent-Garden. By Mrs. Brooke, Author of Julia Mandeville, &c. Brooke , Frances (Author)
Publisher Burton-Wood. In a series of letters. By a lady. Mackenzie , Anna Maria (Author)
Publisher Coombe Wood; a novel: in a series of letters. By the author of Barford-Abbey and The cottage. Minifie , Margaret (Author)
Publisher The two mentors: a modern story. By the author of The old English baron. Reeve , Clara (Author)
Publisher The myrtle: or, effects of love. A novel, in a series of letters, by a lady. In three volumes. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher The Recess; or, a tale of other times. By the author of The Chapter of Accidents. Lee , Sophia (Author)
Publisher The recess; or, a tale of other times. By the author of The chapter of accidents. Lee , Sophia (Author)

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