ID 82
Name George Sidney
Gender Unknown
Street Address Northumberland Street, Strand
City London
Start Date 1799
End Date 1823


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Printer The Bride's Embrace on the Grave: or, the Midnight Wedding in the Church of Mariengarten. In Two Volumes. Taken from the German, by Maria Geisweiler. Arnold , Ignaz Ferdinand (Author)
Geisweiler , Maria (Translator)
Printer Poems. By Mrs. Cassan, widow of Stephen Cassan, Esq. Barrister at Law, late of Bengal. Cassan , Sarah (Author)
Printer Family Annals; or, Worldly Wisdom. A Novel. In Five Volumes. By Mrs. Hunter, of Norwich; Author of Laetitia;—Grubthorpe Family;—Unexpected Legacy;—Lady Palmerston's Letters; &c. &c. Hunter , Rachel (Author)
Printer The Fugitive Countess; or, Convent of St. Ursula. A Romance. In Four Volumes. By Sarah Wilkinson. Wilkinson , Sarah Scudgell (Author)
Printer The Libertine; by Charlotte Dacre, Better Known As Rosa Matilda, Author of Hours of Solitude, Nun of St. Omer's, Zofloya, &c. In Four Volumes. Second Edition. Dacre , Charlotte (Author)
Printer The Three Germans. Mysteries Exemplified in the Life of Holstein of Lutztein. A German Romance. In Three Volumes. Guion , Miss (Author)
Printer A Summer at Weymouth, or, The Star of Fashion. A Novel, in three volumes. By the author of A Summer at Brighton, &c. &c. Young , Mary Julia (Author)
Printer Lord Hubert of Arundel: A Romance, in two volumes. By Sophia Bouverie, author of St. Justins; or The Hour of Trial. Bouverie , Sophia (Author)
Printer Ludovico's Tale, or, The Black Banner of Castle Douglas. A Novel, in four volumes. By Agusta Amelia Stuart. Stuart , Augusta Amelia (Author)
Printer Ronaldsha; A Romance, in two volumes. By Mrs. Doherty, wife of Hugh Doherty, Esq. Author of the "Discover; or, Mysterious Separation." Doherty , Ann (Author)
Printer Poems. Consisting of Translations, from the Greek, Latin, & Italian. With Some Originals. By Mrs. Ware, of Ware Hill, Herts. Ware , Mary (Author)
Printer A Hero of Salamanca; or, The Novice Isabel. A Novel, in Three Volumes. By H. M. Moriarty, author of "Brighton In An Uproar," &c. &c. &c. Moriarty , Henrietta Maria (Author)
Printer Mount Erin; An Irish Tale. In Two Volumes. By Matilda Potter. Potter , Matilda (Author)
Printer Pride and Prejudice: A Novel. In Three Volumes. By the author of "Sense and Sensibility." Second Edition. Austen , Jane (Author)
Printer Mansfield Park: A Novel. In Three Volumes. By the Author of "Sense and Sensibility," and "Pride and Prejudice." Austen , Jane (Author)
Printer The Elements of Flower and Fruit Painting, illustrated with engravings by T.L. Busby from studies after nature by Madame Vincent Vincent , Henriette Antoinette (Illustrator)
Busby , Thomas Lord (Engraver)
Printer Mary; or, Female Friendship: A Poem, in Twelve Books. By Harriet Downing. Downing , Harriet (Author)
Printer Nugae Canorae. By Miss M. S. Croker, Author of "The Question," &c. &c. Croker , Margaret Sarah (Author)
Printer The Family of Santraile; or, The Heir of Montault. A Romance, in Four Volumes. By Harriot Jones, Author of Belmont Lodge, &c. &c. Second Edition. Jones , Harriet (Author)
Printer The Question, Who is Anna? A Tale. By Miss M. S. Croker. In Three Volumes. Croker , Margaret Sarah (Author)
Printer Jane de Dunstanville; or, Characters As They Are. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Isabella Kelly, Author of Joscelina, Eva, Ruthinglenne, Modern Incident, Baron's Daughter, Secret, &c. Second Edition. Kelly , Isabella (Author)
Printer Jane de Dunstanville; or, Characters As They Are. A Novel. In four volumes. By Isabella Kelly, author of Joscelina, Eva, Ruthinglenne, Modern Incident, Baron's Daughter, Secret, &c. Second edition. Kelly , Isabella (Author)
Printer Nugae canorae. By Miss M. S. Croker, author of "The Question," "Anecdotes of Peter Pindar," "A Tribute to the Memory of Sir Samuel Romilly," &c. &c. Croker , Margaret Sarah (Author)

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