ID 827
Name J. Roe [Houndsditch]
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 90 Houndsditch
City London
Start Date
End Date 1805


Displaying 25 titles of 91 total.
Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Barbastal, or, The Magician of the Forest of Bloody Ash: A Romance. 1795
Publisher The Remarkable Life of John Elwes, Esq., Member in Three Successive Parliaments for Berkshire. With Singular Anecdotes, &c. 1797
Publisher The Life of That King of Thieves Jonathan Wild. With Anecdotes of Joseph Blake, Alias Blue. 1799
Publisher Somerset Castle; or the Father and Daughter. A tragic tale. If you have Tears, prepare to shed them now. To which is added, Ghost and no Ghost; or, the dungeon. Unknown 1800
Publisher Lord Gowen; or, The Forester's Daughter. An Historical Romance of the Twelfth Century. To Which is Added, The Barons of Old. An Historic Tale. Wilkinson, Sarah Scudgell 1803
Publisher The Castle of the Pyrenees; or, the Wanderer of the Alps. An Historic Tale. 1803
Publisher The Cottager's Daughter; or, The Sorrows of Rosa. 1803
Publisher The History of the Renowned John of Calais, and the Beautiful Constance, Princess of Portugal. To Which is Added The Monk and Spectre. A Romance. 1803
Publisher The Marriage Promise; or, The History of Emma Woodley. By Sarah Wilkinson. To Which is Added, A Poem to the Memory of the Late Mrs. Pope. Wilkinson, Sarah Scudgell 1803
Publisher The Round Tower; or, The Mystery. A Romantic Tale. To Which is Added, The Noble Genoese. A Tale. 1803
Publisher The Subterraneous Passage; or, Gothic Cell. A Romance. Wilkinson, Sarah Scudgell 1803
Publisher The Subterraneous Passage; or, Gothic Cell. A Romance. By Sarah Wilkinson. Wilkinson, Sarah Scudgell 1803
Publisher The Tell-Tale; or, Universal Museum. Consisting of a Series of Interesting Adventures, Voyages, Histories, Lives, Tales, and Romances. 1803
Publisher The White Castle; or, The Island of Solitude. A Gothic Romance. To Which is Added, The Cabinet; or, Fatal Curiosity. An Arabian Romance. 1803
Publisher Lissette of Savoy; or, The Fair Maid of the Mountains. An Interesting Tale. To Which is Added, Ethelred and Lidania; or, The Sacrifice to Woden, A Saxon Tale. Wilkinson, Sarah Scudgell 1804
Publisher The Brazier's Daughter; or, A History of Ethelred and Ethelgive. An Historic Romance. 1804
Publisher The Eastern Turret; or, Orphan of Navona. A Romance. 1804
Publisher The Enchanted Castle. 1804
Publisher The Fair Savage; or, The Beauty of the Woods. 1804
Publisher The Ghost of the Rock. 1804
Publisher The Hermit of the Grove; or, The Fatal Effects of Gaming. A Tale, Alas! Too True. 1804
Publisher The History of Arden of Feversham. A Tragic Fact of 1550. To Which is Added, The White Tower. An Historic Tale. By John Chilton. 1804
Publisher The Knight of the Broom Flower; or, Horrors of the Priory. A Romance. To Which is Added, Warrington Grange; or, Victims of Treachery. A Tale. 1804
Publisher The Life and Transactions of the Fortunate Sir Richard Whittington. Three Times Lord Mayor of London, 1397-1406-1419. 1804
Publisher The Maid of Lochlin; or, Northern Mysteries. A Scottish Romance. Wilkinson, Sarah Scudgell 1804

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