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Weightman, Mary. A Short System of Polite Learning: Being an Introduction to the Arts and Sciences, and other Branches of Useful Knowledge. London: William Darton and Joseph Harvey [Gracechurch], John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843], William Bent [55 Paternoster], Wynne and Scholey, John Walker II [44 Paternoster Row, 1784-1814, 1818-1825], 1804.
Somerville, Elizabeth. Flora, or, The deserted child. By Elizabeth Somerville. London: John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843], 1806.
Fordyce, Mrs. Josephine, or The advantages of a summer; intended for the instruction and amusement of young ladies. London: John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843], Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1810.
Hofland, Barbara. The History of an Officer's Widow and her Young Family. London: John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843], 1814.
Sandham, Elizabeth. The history of William Selwyn: by Miss Sandham. London: John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843], 1815.
Mant, Alicia Catherine. The canary bird. By Alicia Catharine Mant. London: John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843], 1817.
Pinchard, Elizabeth Sibthorpe. The Blind Child, or Anecdotes of the Wyndham family. Written for the Use of Young People. By a Lady. New Edition. London: John Harris and Son, William Darton, Joseph Harvey, and Samuel Darton, James Scatcherd and Letterman, 1819.
Hofland, Barbara. The son of a genius: a tale for the use of youth. By Mrs. Hofland. A new edition. London: W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, John Harris and Son, 1819.