ID Name Street Address City Start Date End date
66 C. Robinson Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane London (GB)
1989 C. Square London (GB)
777 C. Squire Furnival's Inn Court London (GB)
4255 C. Woodfall Paternoster Row London (GB)
4207 C.G.J. & J. Robinson Paternoster Row London (GB)
5319 Carter and Hendee Boston (US)
5321 Carter, Hendee and Babcock Boston (US)
5326 Carter, Hendee and Co. Boston (US)
2271 Caw and Elder High Street Edinburgh (GB)
5322 Charles Carter Baltimore (US)
5238 Charles Chalmers and William Collins [Glasgow]
102 Charles Clarke Northumberland Court, Strand London (GB)
683 Charles Frederick Cock 64 Paternoster Row London (GB)
2261 Charles James Barrington 344 Strand London (GB) 1817
5271 Charles Knight and Samuel Bagster 14 Bartholomew Close London (GB)
1947 Charles Penny and Sons 27 Bow Street London (GB)
2161 Charles Pugh Hereford (GB) 1788
1563 Charles Smith [Bath] Milsom Street Bath (GB)
4589 Charles Smith [Strand] One-Bell Yard, Strand London (GB)
4205 Charles Thomson London (GB)
5328 Charles Whipple Newburyport (US)
57 Charles Wood Poppin's Court, Fleet Street London (GB)
550 Charles Wood and Innes Poppin's Court, Fleet Street London (GB)
1143 Christopher Bentham Dublin (IE)
1922 City Printing Office Bristol (GB)