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Name Bailey
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Street Address Cockspur Street
City London
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Bookseller The following medicines have some years been in the first estimation for the cure of the several disorders for which they are recommended: they are the result of many years study of that great botanist Sir John Hill, D.M. and Member of the Imperial Academy; whose knowledge of British plants could only be equalled by his assiduity in selecting from them such as appear best calculated for the cure of those diseases to which the British constitutions are most subject: he had the Happiness in his Lifetime to find his Labours crowned with Success; and since his decease, his executrix (who alone prepares these medicines from his original receipts) has received the flattering sanction of public approbation by an increasing demand. A spurious Sort having got abroad and the Difficulty and Delays of Advertisements in Public News Papers, oblige her in Justice to herself and the Public, to take this Method of informing them, that none are genuine, but what are sold at her house, in Curzon-Street, May-Fair, opposite Queen-Street, and by her appointment at the following places. Mr. Joliff, St. James's-Street; Mr. Newberry, No. 45, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mr. Baldwin, Pater-Noster-Row; Mr. Dicey, Bow Church-Yard; Mr. Wray, Birchin-Lane; Mr. Price, Mess. Stallard and Co. and Mr. Wedderurn and Co. Leadenhall-Street; Mr. Jackson, Fleet-Market; Mr. Bailey, Perfumer, Cockspur-Street; Mr. Robertson, Oxford-Street, opposite Angyle-Street; and Mess. T. and J. Egerton, Military Library, Charing-Cross. N.B. Each Bottle of the Honey has a Label signed with her own Hand, and at the Bottom of all, H. Hill, in red Ink. Hill , Henrietta (Author)

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