Geoname ID 2965140
Name Cork
Titles 25
Firms 13
People Born: 7, Died: 3


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ID Name Street Address City Start Date End Date
2649 A. Edwards [Cork] Cork (IE)
5695 G. Ridings Cork (IE)
4256 George Cherry No. 17 Patrick's Street, opposite Prince's Street Cork (IE)
1013 James Haly North Main Street Cork (IE)
949 James P. Trant No. 3 Academy Street Cork (IE)
2212 John Bolster Patrick-Street Cork (IE)
1039 John Connor [Castle Street] Circulating Library, Castle Street Cork (IE)
378 John Connor [Grand Parade] Chatterton's Buildings, Grand Parade Cork (IE)
4774 Jones and Co. [Cork] Cork (IE)
377 M. Harris Cork (IE)
1772 Thomas White Cork (IE)
4298 William Flyn Cork (IE)
3184 William West [Cork] Cork (IE) 1969 1969