Geoname ID 4930956
Name Boston
Firms 51
People Born: 3, Died: 3

Firm List

Displaying 25 firms of 51 total.

ID Name Street Address City Start Date End Date
5614 Abbott Press, D.K. Hitchcock 9 Cornhill Boston (US)
5307 Allen and Ticknor Boston (US)
5350 B. H. Greene Boston (US)
5323 Belknap and Hall State Street Boston (US)
5351 Benjamin C. Bacon Boston (US)
693 Bowles and Dearborn 72 Washington Street Boston (US)
5319 Carter and Hendee Boston (US)
5321 Carter, Hendee and Babcock Boston (US)
5326 Carter, Hendee and Co. Boston (US)
5431 Crocker and Brewster Boston (US)
5309 Cummings, Hilliard and Co. Washington Street Boston (US)
5446 D. West Boston (US)
5447 E. Larkin Boston (US)
5302 Ezekiel Russell Queen Street Boston (US)
5284 Friends of Freedom and Virtue Boston (US)
5310 Hilliard and Metcalf Boston (US)
5430 Hilliard, Gray, and Co. Boston (US)
5320 I. R. Butts Boston (US)
5288 Isaac Knapp No. 25 Cornhill Boston (US)
5449 J. West Boston (US)
5442 J. White Boston (US)
5450 J.W. Folsom Boston (US)
1305 James Loring No. 132 Washington Street Boston (US)
5339 John Allen and Co. Boston (US)
5303 John Byles Marlboro Street Boston (US)