ID 1115
Last Name Ker
First Name Anne
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1766
Date of Death 1821
Place of Birth
Place of Death Surrey
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Role Title Date
Author The heiress di Montalde; or, the castle of Bezanto: a novel. In two volumes. By Mrs. Anne Ker. Dedicated, by permission, to her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta Sophia. 1799
Author Adeline St. Julian; or, the midnight hour. A novel. In two volumes. By Mrs. Anne Ker, Author of the Heiress DI Montalde, &c. 1800
Author Emmeline; or, the Happy Discovery; A Novel, in two volumes. By Anne Ker, author of The Heiress di Montalde, Adeline St. Julian, &c. 1801
Author The Mysterious Count; or, Montville Castle. A Romance, in Two Volumes. By Anne Ker. 1803
Author Modern Faults, A Novel, Founded on Facts. By Mrs. Ker, author of "The Heiress di Montalde." &c. &c. &c. In Two Volumes. 1804
Author Edric, The Forester: or, The Mysteries of the Haunted Chamber. An Historical Romance, in three volumes. By Mrs. Anne Ker, of His Grace the Duke of Roxburgh's Family, author of The Heiress di Montalde—Adeline St. Julian—Emmeline, or The Happy Discovery—Mysterious Count—and Modern Faults. 1817

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