ID 11979
Last Name Coke
First Name Edward
Title Sir
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1552-02-01
Date of Death 1634-09-03
Place of Birth Mileham
Place of Death Stoke Poges
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Role Title Date
Author An abridgment of the first part of my Ld Coke's Institutes; with some additions, explaining many of the difficult cases, and shewing in what Points the Law has been altered by the late Resolutions and Acts of Parliament. The Third Edition Corrected. 1719
Author The first part of the institutes of the laws of England: or, a commentary upon littleton, not the name of the author only, but of the law it self. Hœc ego grandœvus posui tibi, candide lector, Authore Edwardo Coke, milite. Also three learned tracts of the same author: the first, his reading upon the 27th of Edward the first, entituled, the statute of levying fines: the second, of Bail and mainprize: and the third, his compleat copyholder. The eleventh edition, (carefully corrected from the many errors of the former impressions) to which is added, the treatise of the old tenures of the laws of England: with two new tables; and many references to the modern law cases, never printed before, and distinguished from the old references by this mark 1719
Author The first part of the institutes of the laws of England: or, a commentary upon Littleton, Not the Name of the Author only, but of the Law it self. Haec ego grandaevus pofui tibi, candide Lector Authore Edwardo Coke, Milite. Also three learned Tracts of the same Author: The first, his Reading upon the 27th of Edward the First, Entitled, "The Statute of Levying Fines: The second, of Ball and Mainprize: And the third, his Compleat Copyholder. To the whole is added, the Treatise of the Dio Tenures of the Laws of England 1738

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