ID 12175
Last Name Lead
First Name Jane
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1624-03
Date of Death 1704-08-19
Place of Birth
Place of Death London
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Notes Jane Lead, née Ward, was born in Norfolk, England.


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Role Title Date
Author A fountain of gardens: or, a spiritual diary of the wonderful experiences of a Christian soul, under the conduct of the heavenly wisdom; continued from the year MDCLXXVIII, to the middle of the year MDCLXXXVI. Vol. III. Part. II. By J. Lead. 1701
Author The heavenly cloud now breaking: or, the Lord Christ's ascension-ladder, sent down, To shew the way to reach the Ascension, and Glorification, through the Death and Resurrection. By J. Lead. A new edition: with a postscript now added, which was in the last edition of it in the High Dutch. 1701
Author The revelation of revelations: an essay towards the unsealing, opening and discovering the seven seals, the seven thunders, and the New-Jerusalem state. By J. Lead. The second edition. With an appendix. 1701
Author A living funeral testimony: or, death overcome, and drown'd in the life of Christ. With A Further Description of the Various States of Separated Souls; as to what they may expect will ensue after Death, whether in Christ, or out of Christ. P. J. De Loutherbourg By J. Lead. 1702
Author The enochian walks with god, found out by a spiritual traveller, whose face towards Mount-Sion above was set: With an experimental account of what was known, seen, and met withal there. As also, an essay to a further revelation of an immense and infinite latitude of God's love, to the restoring of his whole creation; and how, and after what way and manner we are to look, and wait for this last appearance and coming of our God, and Saviour Christ Jesus. The second edition. By J. Lead. 1702

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