ID 12216
Last Name Sanger
First Name Katherine
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1687
Date of Death
Place of Birth London
Place of Death
Related Firms Katherine Sanger
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Notes Maiden name is Shalcross. She also spells her name with a C.


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Role Title Date
Publisher The secret history of Europe. Part II. Treating of the following particulars: of the D. of Monmouth's reception at the Hague by the states and the Prince of Orange, and of his enterprize afterwards in England. Remarks on father Orleans's history of the revolution. Of the Fr. King's personal hatred to K. William. Some transactions preceding the revolution in Holland and England, with a short account of its progress and accomplishment; shewing, that it was intirely owing to high churchmen, and high-church principles. The conduct of a certain faction, immediately before and after the abdication. K. James's behaviour in Ireland and at St. Germains, proving that he grew worse by his misfortunes, and that a Popish King and protestant subjects are incompatible. The conspiracies form'd by passive-obedience and non-resistance against the religion and liberties of this kingdom, and the life of the king within the compass of two or three years. Of the poisoning the D. of Lorain, and others. The method of bribing, us'd by France in England. The second edition corrected. 1713
Publisher The amorous widow; or, wanton wife. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majesty's servants. Written by Mr. Betterton. The Third Edition. 1714
Publisher The works of Mr. William Shakespear, in nine volumes: with his life, by N. Rowe Esq; Adorn'd with cuts. To the last volume is prefix'd, I. An essay on the art, rise, and progress of the stage, in Greece, Rome, and England. II. Observations upon the most sublime passages in this author. III. A Glossary, explaining the antiquated words made use of throughout his works. 1714
Publisher The devout Christian's companion. Being a compleat manual of devotions, fitted for most of the concerns of human life: With particular Offices For Sick and Dying Persons. To which is added, The Paschal Lamb, a Treatise explaining the Nature, Design, and Benefits of the Holy Sacrament; with suitable Devotions. Collected from the works of Abp. Tillotson, Bp. Taylor, Bp. Kenn, Bp. Beveridgf, Bp. Patrick, Dr. Scott, Dr. Harneck, Dr. Stanhope, &c. The Fifth Edition. 1715
Publisher Memoirs of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Containing all his military actions, his Negotiations in several Courts of Europe, and other Events of his Life, as well Gallant as Political. Intermix'd with Variety of Adventures of Gentlemen and Officers of the Imperial and Confederate Armies in Hungary, Italy, and the Netherlands, where Prince Evgene commanded. Written by a gentleman who constantly follow'd that Prince. Translated from the French. In two volumes. 1716
Publisher Calypso and Telemachus. An opera. Written by Mr. Hughes. The musick compos'd by Mr. Galliard. The Second Edition. 1717

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