ID 12240
Last Name Toland
First Name John
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1670
Date of Death 1722
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Author An appeal to honest people against wicked priests: or, the very heathen laity's declarations for civil obedience and liberty of conscience, contrary to the rebellious and persecuting principles of some of the old Christian clergy; With an Application to the Corrupt Part of the Priests of this present Time, publish'd on Occasion of Dr. Sacheverell's last Sermon. 1713
Author An account of the courts of Prussia and Hannover: sent to a Minister of State in Holland. In which are contain'd the Characters of the Elector of Hannover, now King of England; The Electoral Prince, Duke of Cambridge, and others of that Illustrious Family. To which are added, The ordinances, statutes, and privileges of the Royal Academy, erected by the King of Prussia at Berlin. And The declaration of the Elector Palatine, in favour of his Protestant subjects. All three publish'd by Mr. Toland. 1714
Author Nazarenus: or, Jewish, Gentile, and Mahometan Christianity. Containing the history of the antient Gospel of Barnabas, and the modern Gospel of the Mahometans, attributed to the same Apostle: this last Gospel being now first made known among Christians. Also, the original plan of Christianity occasionally explain'd in the history of the Nazarens, wherby diverse Controversies about this divine (but highly perverted) Institution may be happily terminated. With the relation of an Irish manuscript of the four Gospels, as likewise a Summary of the antient Irish Christianity, and the reality of the Keldees (an order of Lay-Religious) against the two last Bishops of Worcester. By Mr. Toland. The Second Edition Revised. 1718
Author The destiny of Rome: or, the Probability of the Speedy and Final Destruction of the Pope. Concluded Partly, from natural Reasons, and political Observations; and partly, on Occasion of the famous Prophesy of St. Malachy, Archbishop of Armagh, in the XIIth Century: Which Curious Piece, Containing Emblematical Characters of all the Popes, from his own Time to the utter Extirpation of them, is not only here entirely publish'd; but likewise set in a much clearer Light, than has ever hitherto been done. In a letter To a Divine of the Church of England, From a Divine of the Church of the First-Born. 1718

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