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Last Name Winbush
First Name Mrs.
Gender Female
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Related Firms Mrs. Winbush
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Role Title Date
Publisher The unnatural mother and ungrateful wife, a narrative: founded on true and very interesting facts. Contain'd in three letters, from a lady in the country to her friend, a Lady of Distinction in Town. 1735?
Bookseller The informer's winding-sheet: or, Nine oaths for a shilling. Being a parable, in five allegorical discourses: on I. St. Paul's treatment and apology, on a charge of preaching against the government. II. Gallio's prohibiting the prosecution of St. Paul, for words; and a sketch of words accused, in a manuscript paper, privately handed about the public, answered. III. The liberty of one Protestant dissenter's preaching in his own way, asserted; proving the words were for the government: and a reply to the censure of indecent or light expressions, pretense of religion, ridiculing religion, wicked purpose, sedition, treason, blasphemy, disorder, &c. IV. The justice's and counsellor's Vade-Mecum, a disquisition on false witness, by the laws of God, nature, nations, philosophy, the civil, canon, and common laws; and the validity or nullity of evidence of words decided. V. The right to free speaking and reasoning in all lights, on trustees of government, no sedition, but one weight in the people's choice on occasion between in English free Protestant authority, and a supposed French popish dominion: and sedition defin'd. By Sir Mawdcope Moreclarke, of Hull, in Coates's rents, Garrn-Street, opposite the sign of the seven affidavits. 1748
Bookseller Christ only exalted: from Exekiel xxi. 26, 27. It is the spirit of Christ, that taketh of things of his, and sheweth them unto us 1760

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