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@book{ wphp_25442
  title={An authentick account of the condemnation and execution of Prince Nicolas Wolinski, Great Hunter and Master of the Cabinet (or Prime Minister) to her Imperial Majesty the late Czarina of Russia. Who was accused by his country of being an enemy to her Majesty's government, and contriving the Subversion thereof, by traiterously Oppressing and defrauding the Subjects in his Exactions, and deceiving the Empress by false and pernicious Councels, for which he was executed on the 12th of July last. With a particular Relation of his taking Leave of his Children, the Death of his Lady, who expired with Grief at their Interview, the Manner of his Beheading and last Farewell to the Spectators. By M. Menzikowitz, a Native of Russia.},
  publisher={Anne Dodd II},
  address={London},    }