ID 1927
Last Name Huber
First Name Marie
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1695-03-04
Date of Death 1753-06-13
Place of Birth Genève
Place of Death Lyon
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Role Title Date
Author Lettres sur la religion essentielle à l'homme, distinguée de ce qui n'en est que l'accessoire. Nouvelle edition revuë & corrigée, 1756
Author Le sisteme des anciens et des modernes, Concilié par l'exposition des sentimens différens de quelques théologiens, sur l'etat des ames separées des corps. En quatorze lettres. Nouvelle edition augmentée par des notes & quelques pieces nouvelles. Premiere partie. 1757
Author Letters concerning the religion essential to man: as it is distinct from what is merely an accession to it. In two parts. Translated from the French. 1761
Author The world unmask'd; or, the philosopher the greatest cheat; in twenty-four dialogues. A new edition. Translated from the French. 1786
Author The world unmask'd; or, The philosopher the greatest cheat. In twenty-four dialogues. A new edition. Translated from the French. 1806
Author The state of souls, separated from their bodies: being an epistolary treatise, wherein it is proved, by a variety of arguments deduced from the Holy Scriptures, the punishments of the wicked will not be endless; and all objections against it solved. To which is prefixed, a large introduction, evincing the same truth, from the principles of natural religion. Translated from the French. First American, from the second London editing, with additional notes, by Nathaniel Stacy. 1817
Author The Doctrine of eternal hell torments overthrown. In three parts. 1. Of the torments of Hell, the foundation and pillars thereof, searched, discovered, shaken and removed, etc. 2. An article from the Harleian miscellany on Universalism. 3. Dr. Hartley's defence of Universalism 1833

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