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Last Name Elliott
First Name Mary Belson
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1794
Date of Death 1870
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Role Title Date
Author Anne paresseuse; ou l'indolente corrigée. Traduit de l'Anglais de Marie Elliott, par A. F. E. Lépée, Auteur de "De Tout un Peu;" Professeur de Langue Française, à Londres. Enrichi de gravures en taille douce. 1819
Author Grateful tributes; or, Recollections of infancy. By M. Belson, author of "Industry and idleness:" "Innocent poetry;" "Baby's holiday;" "Precept and example;" &c. &c. &c 1819
Author My Brother a Poem. Illustrated with Engravings. 1819
Author Peggy and her mammy. By Mary Elliott, (late Belson,). 1819
Author The modern Goody Two-Shoes: exemplifying the good consequences of early attention to learning and virtue. By Mary Belson, author of "The Orphan Boy, "Industry and Idleness," &c. &c. 1819
Author The orphan boy; or, A journey to Bath. Founded on fact. By Mary Belson, author of The mice and their pic-nic, Precept and example, Industry and idleness, Innocent poetry, Grateful tributes, Baby's holiday, Simple truths, &c. &c. 1819
Author The rambles of a butterfly. By Mary Belson. 1819
Author The wax-taper, or, Effects of bad habits. By Mary Elliott, (late Belson). 1819
Author Travels of fancy, or, More roads than one: for the instruction of youth. By their old friend Mary Elliott. 1819
Author William's secret. By Mary Elliott, (late Belson), author of "Industry and Idleness," &c. 1819
Author Flowers of instruction: or, Familiar subjects in verse. By Mary Elliott. 1820
Author Industry and idleness: a pleasing and instructive tale for good little girls, in words not exceeding two syllables. By Mary Belson, author of "Simple truths". 1820
Author Precept and example, or, Midsummer holidays. 1820
Author Rural employments, or, A peep into village concerns: Designed to instruct the minds of children. Illustrated by numerous copper-plates. By Mary Elliott. 1820
Author The progress of the quartern-loaf: a poem. By Mary Elliott. 1820
Author The tell-tale. By Mary Elliott; illustrated by copper-plates. 1820
Author Confidential Memoirs; or, Adventures of a Parrot, A Greyhound, A Cat, And A Monkey. By Mary Elliott, Late Belson. 1821
Author Female Biography; or, Virtue and Talent Exemplified in the Characters of Eminent British Females. By Mary Elliott, (Late Belson.) With Copper Plates. 1822
Author Grateful Tributes; or, Recollections of Infancy. Containing the Poems of My Father, My Mother, My Brother, My Sister, My Uncle, My Aunty, My Mammy, My Bible, My Grandfather, My Grandmother, My Childhood. By Mary Belson. 1822
Author Simple Truths, in Verse; for the Amusement and Instruction of Children, at an Early Age. By Mary Belson, author of "Innocent Poetry," "Grateful Tributes," "The Orphan Boy," "Precept and Example," "Industry and Idleness," &c. &c. Third Edition, Revised. 1822
Editor The English hermit, or, The adventures of Philip Quarll: who was discovered by Mr. Dorrington, a Bristol merchant, upon an uninhabited island, where he had lived above fifty years without any human assistance, and would not come away!! Revised and corrected, with several additions, by Mary Elliott; with copper-plates. 1822
Author The Gift Of Friendship; Or, The Riddle Explained. By Mary Elliot (Late Belson.) 1822
Author The Sunflower; or, Poetical Truths, for Young Minds, Religious, Moral, Miscellaneous, and Historical; Forming a Collection of Original Poems, and intended as a Continuation of "Simple Truths in Verse." By Mary Elliott, (late Belson,) Author of "Simple truths." 1822
Author Useful Gossip for the Young Scholar; or, Tell-tale Pictures. By Mary Elliott. 1822
Author Innocent poetry for infant minds. By Mary Elliott and others. 1823

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