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Last Name Elliott
First Name Mary Belson
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1794
Date of Death 1870
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Author The mice, and their pic nic: a good moral tale, &c. By a looking-glass maker. 1810
Author Precept and example, or, Midsummer holidays. A new edition improved. By Mary Belson. Author of "The Orphan Boy," "Simple Truths," &c. &c. 1812
Author Simple truths in verse: for the amusement, and instruction of children, at an early age. By Mary Belson. 1812
Author The baby's holiday, to which is added, The white lily: illustrated by engravings. By Mary Belson. 1812
Author The Orphan boy; or, a journey to Bath. Founded on fact. By Mary Belson, Author Of--The Mice And Their Pic Nic--Precept And Example--Industry And Idleness--Innocent Poetry--Grateful Tributes--Baby’s Holiday--Simple Truths, &c. &c. 1814
Author Simple Truths, in Verse; for the Amusement and Instruction of Children, at an Early Age. By Mary Belson. 1816
Author The ancient and renowned history of Whittington and his cat. Revised and enlarged, for the amusement of all good little children. 1816
Author Grateful Tributes; or Recollections of Infancy by M. Belson, Author of 'Industry and Idleness;' 'Innocent Poetry;' 'Baby's Holiday; 'Precept and Example;' 'The Mice and their Pic Nic;' &c. 1818
Author Little lessons for little folks : : containing 1. The little sweepers; 2. The mistake; 3. The widow and her only son; 4. Ask and learn; 5. Village annals; or, Truth and Falsehood. By Mary Belson. 1818
Author The adventures of Thomas Two-Shoes: being a sequel to that of "The modern Goody Two-Shoes." By Mary Belson, author of "Industry and Idleness," &c. &c. 1818
Author The modern Goody Two-Shoes: exemplifying the good consequences of early attention to learning and virtue. By Mary Belson, author of "The Orphan Boy, "Industry and Idleness," &c. &c. 1819
Author William's secret. By Mary Elliott, (late Belson), author of "Industry and Idleness," &c. 1819
Author Flowers of instruction: or, Familiar subjects in verse. By Mary Elliott. 1820
Author Precept and example, or, Midsummer holidays. 1820
Author Confidential Memoirs; or, Adventures of a Parrot, A Greyhound, A Cat, And A Monkey. By Mary Elliott, Late Belson. 1821
Author The Sunflower; or, Poetical Truths, for Young Minds, Religious, Moral, Miscellaneous, and Historical; Forming a Collection of Original Poems, and intended as a Continuation of "Simple Truths in Verse." By Mary Elliott, (late Belson,) Author of "Simple truths." 1822
Author Plain things for little folks: seasoned with instruction both for the mind and the eye. By their friend, Mary Elliott. 1823
Author The two Edward; or, Pride and prejudice unmasked. By Mary Elliott. 1823
Author Early seeds, to produce spring flowers. By Mary Elliott. accompanied with copper-plates. 1824
Author Gems in the mine, or, Traits and habits of childhood in verse. By Mary Elliott. 1824
Author The Rose: Containing Original Poems for Young People. By their friend, Mary Elliott; accompanied with engravings. 1824
Author Innocent Poetry; Containing Moral and Religious Truths for Infant Minds. By Mary Elliott. 1825
Author Le petit nègre.* Traduit de l'anglais de Marie Elliott, par A.F. Ed. Lépée; enrichi de gravures en taille douce. 1825
Author No time like the present. By Mary Elliott; illustrated by copper-plates. 1825
Author Self-will; or, Young heads not the wisest. By Mary Elliott; illustrated by copper-plates. 1825

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