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Last Name Jamieson
First Name Frances
Gender Female
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Author Ashford rectory, or, The spoiled child reformed: containing a short introduction to the sciences of architecture and heraldry; with a particular account of the Grecian and Roman games, etc. etc. By Mrs. Jamieson, late Miss Thurtle; Author of "Histories of France and Spain", "Popular Voyages and Travels" etc. Third Edition, Corrected and Enlarged 1820
Author Biographical sketches of the apostles, and the most remarkable characters mentioned in the New Testament. By Mrs. Jamieson, late Miss Thurtle, Author of the Histories of France and Spain; Popular Voyages and Travels, &c., embellished with sixteen beautiful wood cuts by Hughes, from Rubens. 1820
Author Popular voyages and travels throughout the continent & islands of Europe: in which the geography, character, customs, and manners of nations are described, and the phenomena of nature most worthy of observation are illustrated on scientific principles. By Mrs. Jamieson (Late Miss Thurtle). Author of Ashford Rectory, A History of France, A History of Spain, &c. &c.; embellished with engravings. 1820
Author Stories from Spanish history: for the amusement of children. By Mrs. Jamieson. Author of Histories of Spain and France, Ashford Rectory, Popular Voyages and Travels &c. 1820
Author The House Of Ravenspur, A Romance. By Mrs. Jamieson. In Four Volumes. 1822
Author Cadijah: or, The Black Palace. A Tragedy, in Five Acts. By Mrs. Jamieson 1825
Author The knight of the dove and his elfin page: a fairy tale. Embellished with eight engravings; by Mrs. Jamieson. 1826

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