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Macaulay, Catharine. The History of England from the accession of James I to that of the Brunswick Line. Vol. I. By Catharine Macaulay. London: John Nourse, Robert and James Dodsley, William Johnston [Ludgate Street], 1763.
Macaulay, Catharine. Loose remarks on certain positions to be found in Mr. Hobbes' Philosophical rudiments of government and society. A democratical form of government, in a letter to Signior Paoli. London: Thomas Davies [Russell Street], Edward and Charles Dilly, Thomas Cadell [London], George Robinson and John Roberts, 1767.
Macaulay, Catharine. A modest plea for the property of copy right. By Catharine Macaulay. Bath: Edward and Charles Dilly, 1774.
A Catalogue of Tracts. London: 1790.