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Landon, Letitia, E., Catherine G. F. Gore, Felicia Hemans, Mary Howitt, Mary R. Mitford, Mary A. Browne, Caroline Bowles, Maria J. Jewsbury, Mrs. Norton, Emma C. Embury, Eliza Rennie, and Miss Sheridan. The Lady's Poetical Album. Glasgow: Richard Griffin and Co. [64 Hutcheson Street], James M. Leckie, 1830.
Bannerman, Anne, Amelia Opie, Jane Taylor, Letitia E. Landon, Felicia Hemans, Mary Tighe, Mary Howitt, Mary R. Mitford, Elizabeth O. Benger, Caroline Bowles, Emma C. Embury, and Miss Stewart. The Laurel. Fugitive Poetry of the XIXth Century. London: John Sharpe [Duke Street], 1830.