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Last Name Wordsworth
First Name William
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1770-04-07
Date of Death 1850-04-23
Place of Birth Cockermouth
Place of Death Ambleside
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Translator Poems: By Francis Wrangham, M.A., Member of Trinity-College, Cambridge. 1795
Author The Parnassian Garland; or, beauties of modern poetry : consisting of upwards of two hundred pieces, selected from the works of the most distinguished poets of the present age. With introductory lines to each article. Designed for the use of schools and the admirers of poetry in general. By John Evans, A. M. Master of a seminary for a limited number of pupils, Pullin's Row, Islington. 1807
Author Beauties of the Modern Poets; in Selections from the Works of Byron, Moore, Scott, Campbell, Barry Cornwall, Southey, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Croly, Mrs. Hemans, L. E. L., Montgomery, Hamilton, Crabbe, Colman, Hervey, Bird, Rogers, Alaric Watts, Miss Baillie, Mrs. Opie, etc., etc. With many fugitive pieces of distinguished merit. By D. Carey. A new edition; corrected, enlarged, and re-arranged. 1826

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