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Wheatley, Phillis. Phillis's Poem on the Death of Mr. Whitefield. Boston: 1770.
Wheatley, Phillis. To Mrs. Leonard, on the Death of her Husband. Boston: s.n., 1771.
Wheatley, Phillis. To the Rev. Mr. Pitkin, on the Death of his Lady. Boston: s.n., 1772.
Wheatley, Phillis. Liberty and Peace, a poem. By Phillis Peters. Boston: 1784.
More, Hannah, Elizabeth Carter, Ann Yearsley, Anna Seward, and Phillis Wheatley. A Selection, in Prose and Verse; with Some Original Pieces by Mrs. A. G. of Lamberhurst, Kent. Cranbrook: 1803.
Wheatley, Phillis, and Abigail Mott. Sketches and Interesting Anecdotes of Persons of Colour. York: William Alexander and Son, 1828.
Wheatley, Phillis, and Margaretta M. Odell. Memoir and Poems of Phillis Wheatley, a Native African and a Slave. Dedicated to the Friends of the Africans. Boston: Geo. W. Light, 1834.