ID 3888
Last Name Cooper
First Name Mary
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Date of Death 1761-08-05
Place of Birth
Place of Death London
Related Firms Mary Cooper
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Role Title Date
Publisher The new adventures of David Simple. By Miss Fielding. 1740
Publisher An Essay on Man: Being the First Book of the Ethic Epistles to Henry St. John, Lord Bolingbroke. With a Commentary and Notes by William Warburton, A.M. 1743
Bookseller An essay on ridicule. By Mr. William Whitehead, Fellow of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. 1743
Bookseller Ann Boleyn to Henry the Eighth. An Epistle. By Mr. William Whitehead. Fellow of Clare-Hall in Cambridge. 1743
Publisher The Grave. A Poem. By Robert Blair. 1743
Publisher A Consolatory Ode. Inscrib'd to the Marquis de la Chetardie, on his Disgrace and Return from the Russian Court. 1744
Publisher A consolatory ode. Inscrib'd to the Marquis de la Chetardie, on his disgrace, and return from the Russian Court. 1744
Publisher The gymnasiad, or Boxing match. A very short, but very curious epic poem. With the Prolegomena of Scriblerus Tertius, and notes variorum. 1744
Publisher Thelamont; or, perfect generosity. A novel. By the editor of Clidanor and Cecilia. Being the second novel of that collection. 1744
Publisher Advice to the Ladies. A Poem: with an elegiac complaint on the death of the inimitable Alexander Pope, Esq. By a Norfolk Gentleman. 1745
Bookseller Henry and Blanche: Or, The Revengeful Marriage. A Tale: Taken from the French of Gil Bas. 1745
Bookseller Jovi Eleutherio: Or, an Offering to Liberty. 1745
Publisher The child's new play-thing : being a spelling-book intended to make the Learning to Read, a Diversion instead of a Task. Consisting of Scripture-Histories, Fables, Stories, Moral and Religious Precepts, Proverbs, Songs, Riddles, Dialogues, &c. The Whole adapted to the Capacties of Children, and Divided into Lessons of one, two, three, and four Syllables; with entertaining Pictures to each Story and Fable, And a new-invented Alphabet for Children to play with, and a Preface shewing the Use of it. The Third Edition. To which is added Three Dialogues; 1. Shewing how a little Boy shall make every body love him. 2. How a little Boy shall grow wiser than the rest of his School-fellows. 3. How a little Boy shall become a great Man. Designed for the Use of Schools, or for Children before they go to School. 1745
Bookseller The hampstead congress: or, the happy pair. 1745
Publisher The Hampstead Congress: or, the happy pair. 1745
Publisher The Stilton Hero: A Poem. 1745
Bookseller An Hymn to God. 1746
Publisher Honour. A satire. By Mr. Whitehead. 1747
Publisher Ovid’s Art of love paraphrased, and adapted to the present time. With notes. And a most correct edition of the original. Book I. 1747
Bookseller An ode To The Right Honourable the Earl of Huntingdon. By Dr. Akinside. 1748
Publisher Memoirs of the life and times, of Sir Thomas Deveil, Knight, one of His Majesty's justices of the peace, For the Counties of Middlesex, Essex, Surry and Hertfordshire, the City and Liberty of Westminster, the Tower of London, and the Liberties thereof, &c. 1748
Publisher The marchioness de Lambert's letters to her son and daughter, on true education, &c. &c. &c. Translated by Mr. Rowell. 1749
Publisher A Fragment. 1750
Publisher A fund raising for the Italian gentleman: or, A magazine filling on the scheme of frugality. What damage may arise from an explosion, is calculated from the accurate observations of the famous Dr. Atterbury. 1750
Publisher A letter of consolation and counsel to the good people of England, especially of London and Westminster, occasion'd by the late earthquakes. By a layman. 1750

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