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Last Name Blackader
First Name Elizabeth
Gender Female
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Related Firms Elizabeth Blackader
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Role Title Date
Printer Conversations on chemistry: in which the elements of that science are familiarly explained and illustrated by experiments: in two volumes. 1807
Printer The Mother's Grammar: Being a continuation of The child's grammar; to which it forms a second part; with lessons for parsing; and a few already done, as examples. By Mrs. Lovechild. 1807
Printer Camilla de Florian, and Other Poems. By an officer's wife. 1809
Printer Thoughts and Remarks, on Establishing an Institution for the Support and Education of Unportioned Respectable Females 1809
Printer The Vale of Clyde: A Tale, By Honoria Scott, author of "A Winter in Edinburgh," &c. In Two Volumes. 1810
Printer Poems. By Mrs. Fraser. A New Edition. 1811
Printer Cottage Sketches; or, Active Retirement. By the author of An Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life, Talents Improved, &c. 1812
Printer Rose and Emily, or, Sketches of youth. By Mrs. Roberts author of Moral Views; or, The telescope for children. 1812
Printer Rose and Emily, or, Sketches of youth. By Mrs. Roberts, author of "Moral Views; or, the Telescope for Children." 1815
Printer The history of England: related in familiar conversations, by a father to his children interspersed with moral and instructive remarks, and observations on the most leading and interesting subjects: designed for the perusal of youth; by Elizabeth Helme; in two volumes. Fourth Edition. 1815
Printer Letters from the North Highlands, During the Summer 1816. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence, author of "A Caledonian Excursion," &c. &c. 1817

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