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@book{ wphp_11864
  title={The Woman of Colour, a Tale. By the author of "Light and Shade," "The Aunt and the Niece," "Ebersfield Abby", &c. In two volumes.},
  publisher={Hannah Black, Parry, and Kingsbury \& },
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@book{ wphp_25035
  author={Martínez de Zúñiga,Joaquín},
  title={An Historical View of the Phillippine Islands: Exhibiting their Discovery, Population, Language, Government, Manners, Customs, Productions and Commerce. From the Spanish of Martinez de Zuñiga. Published at Manila, 1803. In Two Volumes. With a new and accurate Map of the Islands, from the best Authorities, Public and Private. Translated by John Maver, Esq. Second Edition.},
  publisher={Hannah Black, Parry, & Co. \& },
  address={London},    }
@book{ wphp_25034
  author={de Beajour,Felix},
  title={Sketch of the United States of North America, at the commencement of the Nineteenth Century, from 1800 to 1810; with Statistical Tables, and a New Map, by the author; containing All the late Discoveries, and exhibiting the Division of Territorial Zonesm Boundary Lines, &c. By Le Chevalier Felix de Beaujour, ancient member of the tribunate, late French Consul-General in the United States, author of the View of the Commerce of Greece, &c. &c. Translated from the French, with illustrative notes and appendix by William Walton, Esq.},
  publisher={John Booth \& Edmund Lloyd [23 Harley Street] \& James Ridgway [170 Piccadilly] \& Hannah Black, Parry, & Co. \& Effingham Wilson [Royal Exchange] \& Gale, Curtis and Fenner \& Mason \& },
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@book{ wphp_10
  title={The Fugitive; or, Family Incidents. In Three Volumes. By the author of Private History of the Court of England, Romance Readers and Romance Writers, &c. &c.},
  publisher={Hannah Black, Parry, & Co.},
  address={London},    }
@book{ wphp_196
  title={Glenowen; or, The Fairy Palace. A Tale. By Eleanor Sleath; illustrated with engravings.},
  publisher={John Harris [1802-1819, 1824-1843] \& Hannah Black and Co. \& },
  address={London},    }