ID 4529
Last Name Fleming
First Name Caleb
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1698-11-04
Date of Death 1779-07-01
Place of Birth Nottingham
Place of Death London
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Role Title Date
Author A fund raising for the Italian gentleman: or, A magazine filling on the scheme of frugality. What damage may arise from an explosion, is calculated from the accurate observations of the famous Dr. Atterbury. 1750
Author A manual for common Christians; or, Plain reasons for infant-baptism; designed for the use of all paedo-baptists, of every denomination; that they may give a reason of their practice with meekness and charity, and know how to apply the ritual with a truly religious intention 1750
Author The Devout Laugh, or Half an hour's amusement to a citizen of London, from Dr. Pickering's Sermon at St. Paul's, Jan. 30, 1749-50. And the compliments paid him by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, &c.--The Loyalty of the Doctor, and the Merit of his Sermon are made conspicuous,--and very entertaining. A letter from Rusticus to Civis. 1750

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