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Hemans, Felicia, William Howitt, Mary Howitt, Mary A. Browne, Thomas Roscoe, Mary W. Shelley, Amelia G. Smyth, Anne M. Moir, Catherine Parry, Ann Butler, Priscilla M. W. Watts, Rose D. Lawrence, John R. Chorley, W. H. Harrison, Andrew Norton, Hartley Coleridge, Francis Wrangham, Reverend T. Raffles, H. C. Deakin, L. A. J. Mordacque, J. Merritt, John Bowring, W. G. Clarke, Gent Mark Spencer, R. Millhouse, M. D. La Claverie, and Signor Grimaldi. The Winter's Wreath for MDCCCXXXII. London: Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot, George Smith, 1832.