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Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, Chorley, John Rutter, Smyth, Amelia Gillespie, Hemans, Felicia, Howitt, William, Roscoe, Thomas, Harrison, W. H, Howitt, Mary, Norton, Andrew, Coleridge, Hartley, Wrangham, Francis, Browne, Mary Ann, Raffles, Reverend Thomas, Deakin, H. C., Mordacque, L. A. J., Merritt, J., Bowring, John, Clarke, W. G, Mark Spencer, Gent, Watts, Priscilla Maden Wiffen, Butler, Ann, Moir, Anne Montgomery, Millhouse, R., Parry, Catherine, La Claverie, M. De, Grimaldi, Signor, Lawrence, Rose D'Aguilar. The Winter's Wreath for MDCCCXXXII.The Women's Print History Project, 2019, title ID 660, Accessed 2024-07-20.

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, et al. The Winter's Wreath for MDCCCXXXII. London: Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot, George Smith, 1832.

Shelley, Mary, W., John R. Chorley, Amelia G. Smyth, Felicia Hemans, William Howitt, Thomas Roscoe, W. H. Harrison, Mary Howitt, Andrew Norton, Hartley Coleridge, Francis Wrangham, Mary A. Browne, Reverend T. Raffles, H. C. Deakin, L. A. J. Mordacque, J. Merritt, John Bowring, W. G. Clarke, Gent Mark Spencer, Priscilla M. W. Watts, Ann Butler, Anne M. Moir, R. Millhouse, Catherine Parry, M. D. La Claverie, Signor Grimaldi, and Rose D. Lawrence. The Winter's Wreath for MDCCCXXXII. London: Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot, George Smith, 1832.

@book{ wphp_660
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  title={The Winter's Wreath for MDCCCXXXII.},
  publisher={Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnot \& George Smith},
  address={London},    }

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