ID 555
Last Name Howitt
First Name Mary
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1799-03-12
Date of Death 1888-01-30
Place of Birth Coleford
Place of Death Rome
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Role Title Date
Author The Forest Minstrel, and Other Poems. By William and Mary Howitt. 1823
Author The Desolation of Eyam: The Emigrant, A Tale of the American Woods, and Other Poems. By William and Mary Howitt, Authors of 'The Forest Minstrel, and other Poems.' 1827
Author The Lady's Poetical Album. 1830
Author The Laurel. Fugitive Poetry of the XIXth Century. 1830
Author The Poetic Present; a Collection of Superior Pieces from the Best Authors. Calculated to Interest and Improve the Minds of Young People. Selected by Clara Hall. 1830
Author The Poetic Primer: A Circlet of Little Rhymes for Little Readers. By Clara Hall, Editress of "Affection's Offering," "Parlour Stories," &c. &c. With Fine Engravings 1830
Author The Winter's Wreath for MDCCCXXXII. 1832
Author The Mother's Story Book; or, Western Coronal. A collection of miscellaneous pieces. By Mrs. Child, author of "The Mother's Book," "The Girl's Own Book," "The Frugal Housewife," etc. To which are added, a few tales, by Mary Howitt, and Caroline Fry. 1833
Author Sketches Of Natural History. By Mary Howitt. 1834
Author The Seven Temptations. By Mary Howitt. 1834
Author The New Original Poems, for the Instruction of the Young. Collected by Clara Hall. Editress of "Affection's Offering," "Parlour Stories," &c. &c. With Fine Engravings. 1835
Author The Pink or, Child's First Book of Poetry. By the Author of "The Daisy," "The Cowslip," Etc. A New Edition, With additions, by Mary Howitt 1835
Author Tales In Prose: For the Young. By Mary Howitt. 1836
Author Tales in Verse, for the young. By Mary Howitt. 1836
Author Wood Leighton; Or, A Year In the Country. By Mary Howitt. In Three Volumes. 1836

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