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Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present is a highly dynamic textbase. With about 8 million words of text, it is full of interpretive information on women, writing, and culture. It includes documents on the lives and writing careers of over 1,305 writers, together with a great deal of contextual historical material on relevant subjects, such as the law, economics, science, writing by men, education, medicine, politics.


Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present. Cambridge University Press, 2008, 


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ID Title Author Firms (City) Date Edition
286 "Alla Giornata;" or, To the Day. In Three Volumes. Bury , Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell
Saunders and Otley (London)
42 A Biographical Dictionary of the Celebrated Women of every Age and Country. By Matilda Betham. Betham , Mary Matilda
Benjamin Crosby and Co. (London)
Thomas Tegg and Castleman (London)
Edmund Lloyd [24 Harley Street] (London)
335 A Bride and No Wife. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Mosse, (Late Henrietta Rouviere,) author of Lussington Abbey, Heirs of Villeroy, Peep at our Ancestors, Old Irish Baronet, Arrivals from India, &c. &c. Mosse , Henrietta Rouviere
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
1173 A Christmas-Box, for the Advocates of Bull-Baiting Heyrick , Elizabeth
371 A Collection of Farces and Other Afterpieces, which are acted at the Theatres-Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and Hay-Market. Printed under the authority of the manager from the prompt book: selected by Mrs. Inchbald. In seven volumes. Colman , George (the elder)
Hawkesworth , John
Burgoyne , John
O'Hara , Kane
Birch , Samuel
Kemble , John Philip
Colman , George (the younger)
Tobin , John
Bickerstaff , Isaac
Sheridan , Richard Brinsley
Dodsley , Robert
Brooke , Frances
Jackman , Isaac
Garrick , David
Fielding , Henry
Foote , Samuel
Murphy , Arthur
du Crest de Saint-Aubin , Stéphanie Félicité
Inchbald , Elizabeth
Kenney , James
Cowley , Hannah
Macklin , Charles
Kotzebue , August Friedrich Ferdinand von
Dibdin , Thomas
O'Keeffe , John
Jephson , Robert
Knight , Thomas
Pearce , William
Hoare , Prince
Reed , Joseph
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme (London)
267 A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors. Edited for the Benefit of a Friend, by Joanna Baillie. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (London)
987 A Collection of some of the Most Celebrated Parliamentary Speeches During the Last Five Centuries. Compiled with Care from the Most Approved Readings. Shore , Margaret Emily
22 A Collection of Songs and Poems on Several Occasions. By Isabel Pagan. Pagan , Isabel
58 A Communication given to Joanna, in Answer to Mr. Brothers' last Book, published the end of this year, 1802 Southcott , Joanna
835 A Companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties in the Western Highlands of Scotland, and in the Hebrides: To which is added, a description of part of the main land of Scotland, and of the isles of Mull, Ulva, Staffa, I-Columbkill, Tirii, Coll, Eigg, Skye, Raza, and Scalpa. By the Hon. Mrs. Murray, of Kensington. Vol. II. Murray , Sarah
292 A Companion and Useful Guide to the Beauties of Scotland, and the Hebrides, to the Lakes of Westmoreland, Cumberland, and Lancashire; and to the Curiosities in the District of Craven, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Also a Description of Part of Scotland, particularly of the Highlands, and of the Isles of Mull, Ulva, Staffa, I-Columbkill, Tirii, Coll, Eigg, Rume, Skye, Raza, and Scalpa. To which is now added, An account of the new roads in Scotland, and of a beautiful cavern lately discovered in the Isle of Skye. By the Hon. Mrs. Murray Aust, of Kensington. In two volumes.—Vol. I. The third edition. Murray , Sarah
1810 The Third Edition.
920 A Comparative View of the New Plan of Education promulgated by Mr. Joseph Lancaster, in his Tracts concerning the Instruction of the Children of the Labouring Part of the Community; and of the system of Christian education founded by our pious forefathers for the initiation of the young members of the Established Church in the principles of there formed religion. By Mrs. Trimmer. Trimmer , Sarah
Francis, Charles and John Rivington (London)
357 A Comprehensive Astronomical and Geographical Class Book for the use of Schools and Private Families. By Margaret Bryan. Bryan , Margaret
Robert Baldwin, Charles Cradock, and William Joy (London)
817 A Description of the Chapel of the Annunziata dell'Arena; or, Giotto's Chapel, in Padua. By Mrs Calcott Graham , Maria
860 A Descriptive Account of the Mansion and Gardens of White-Knights, a seat of his Grace the Duke of Marlborough. By Mrs. Hofland. Hofland , Thomas Christopher
Hofland , Barbara
604 A Dispute between the Woman and the Powers of Darkness. August 3, 1802 Southcott , Joanna
314 A Family Tour through the British Empire, Containing some Account of its Manufactures, Natural and Artificial Curiosities, History and Antiquities, Interspersed with Biographical Anecdotes, Particularly Adapted to the Amusement and Instruction of Youth. By Priscilla Wakefield. Wakefield , Priscilla
631 A Father as He Should Be. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Hofland, author of Says She to Her Neighbour, Clergyman's Widow, Visit to London, Patience and Perseverance, &c. Hofland , Barbara
Minerva Press, A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
431 A Father's Love and a Woman's Friendship; or, The Widow and Her Daughters. A Novel. In five volumes. By Henriette Rouviere Mosse, author of Lussington Abbey, Heirs of Villeroy, Old Irish Baronet, Peep At Our Ancestors, Arrivals from India, Bride and No Wife, &c. Mosse , Henrietta Rouviere
Anthony King Newman and Co. (London)
838 A Few Words on the Eightieth Psalm Tonna , Charlotte Elizabeth (Browne) Phelan
958 A Few Words on the Subject of the Slave Trade, addressed to English Women Trench , Melesina
284 A Friendly Address to Converts from the Roman Catholic Church. Tonna , Charlotte Elizabeth (Browne) Phelan
Thomas I. White (Dublin)
69 A Glass for Kings. A Sermon, Proper to be Preached at the Coronation of a King. Being the Reverse of a Canterbury Tale, or a Yorkshire Story! as it is Most Faithfully Expounded from the Following Texts of Holy Writ. Beverley , Elizabeth
946 A Help to the Unlearned in the Study of the Holy Scriptures, being an Attempt to explain the Bible in a Familiar Way, adapted to Common Apprehensions and according to the Opinion of Approved Commentators. By Mrs. Trimmer, Author of Sacred History, selected from the scriptures, with annotations and reflections, and other works; and editor of the guardian of education. Trimmer , Sarah
Francis, Charles and John Rivington (London)
896 A Historical Relation of the Plague at Marseilles in the year 1720 Bertrand , Jean-Baptiste
Joseph Mawman [Poultry] (London)