ID 97
Name Benjamin Crosby and Co.
Gender Unknown
Street Address 4 Stationers' Court, Ludgate Hill
City London
Start Date 1802
End Date 1811


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Lessons for children of three years old. By Elizabeth Somerville. Somerville, Elizabeth 1800
Publisher Lessons, or, Short stories in two and three syllables, containing ... By Elizabeth Somerville. Somerville, Elizabeth 1800
Publisher The history of Jenny Spinner, the Hertfordshire ghost. Written by herself. James, Elizabeth Maria 1800
Publisher A geographical companion to Mrs. Trimmer's Scripture, Ancient, and English abridged histories; with prints; calculated to render the study of history more interesting to children, and to serve as an easy introduction to the knowledge of the Earth. In three parts. Part 1st, Agreeing with Scripture History. Part 2d, with Ancient and Roman History. Part 3d, with English History. Trimmer, Sarah 1802
Publisher Mabel Woodbine and her sister Lydia: a tale interspersed with moral and original stories. By Elizabeth Somerville. Somerville, Elizabeth 1802
Publisher The Farmer's Boy; A Novel: In four Volumes. By Miss Gunning, author of "Love at First Sight"—"Gipsy Countess," &c. &c. &c. Gunning, Elizabeth 1802
Publisher The History of Netterville, A Chance Pedestrian. A Novel. In two volumes. Unknown, [Woman] 1802
Publisher The new children in the wood, or, The Welch cottagers: a tale. By Elizabeth Somerville. Somerville, Elizabeth 1802
Publisher The Village Library. Intended for the Use of Young Persons. By Miss Gunning. Gunning, Elizabeth 1802
Bookseller Emma; Or The Foundling Of The Wood. A Novel. By Miss Brooke, Daughter Of The Late Henry Brooke, Author of The Fool Of Quality, Etc. Brooke, Charlotte 1803
Bookseller The Mysterious Count; or, Montville Castle. A Romance, in Two Volumes. By Anne Ker. Ker, Anne 1803
Publisher Aurora, or, The Mysterious Beauty. Altered from the French. By Camilla Dufour. In Two Volumes. Dufour Crosland, Camilla 1803
Publisher Frederick Montravers; or, The Adopted Son. A Novel. In Two Volumes. By Sophia Woodfall. Woodfall, Sophia 1803
Publisher Lindorf and Caroline; or, The Danger of Credulity. In Three Vols. Translated from the German of Professor Kramer, by Mary Julia Young, Author of Rose Mount Castle; The East Indian; The Kinsmen of Naples; Poems, &c. Young, Mary Julia 1803
Publisher Moss Cliff Abbey; or, The Sepulchral Harmonist. A Mysterious Tale. In Four Vols. By Mary-Julia Young, Author of Rose Mount Castle; The East Indian; The Kinsmen of Naples; Poems, &c. Young, Mary Julia 1803
Publisher Right and Wrong; or, The Kinsmen of Naples. A Romantic Story, in Four Volumes. By Mary Julia Young, Author of Rose Mount Castle, The East Indian, Moss Cliff Abbey, Poems, &c. &c. Young, Mary Julia 1803
Publisher The Depraved Husband and the Philosophic Wife. In Two Volumes. By Madame Genlis. du Crest de Saint-Aubin, Stéphanie Félicité 1803
Publisher The History of Perourou; or the Bellows Mender, and interesting tale; by Miss Williams; Author of Paul and Virginia; Letters from France, &c. &c. Embellished with a frontispiece. Williams, Helen Maria 1803
Publisher The Three Monks!!! From the French. By H. H. Sarrett. In Two Volumes. Guénard, Elisabeth 1803
Publisher A Biographical Dictionary of the Celebrated Women of every Age and Country. By Matilda Betham. Betham, Mary Matilda 1804
Publisher Can We Doubt It?; or, The Genuine History of Two Families of Norwich. By Charlotte Bournon-Malarme, Member of the Academy of Arcades of Rome. Translated from the French, By Mrs. Villa-Real Gooch. In Three Volumes. Bournon-Malarmé, Charlotte 1804
Bookseller Crimes and Characters; or, The New Foundling. In Three Volumes. By Mrs. Pilkington, Author of Parental Duplicity, &c. &c. Pilkington, Mary 1805
Bookseller The Pleasing Instructor, Or Entertaining Moralist: Consisting Of Select Essays, Relations, Visions and Allegories, Collected From The most Eminent English Authors. To which are prefixed, New Thoughts on Education. A New Edition, with Additions. Fisher, Ann 1805
Publisher Second Love; or, The Way To Be Happy. A Novel. In Two Volumes. By Mrs. Norris. Norris, Mrs. 1805
Publisher The friends; or, the contrast between virtue and vice. nA tale. Designed for the improvement of youth. By Elizabeth Griffin, author of The Selector, Moral Amusements, &c. &c. Griffin, Elizabeth 1805

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