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Last Name Bury
First Name Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell
Title Lady
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1775-01-28
Date of Death 1861-03-31
Place of Birth London
Place of Death Chelsea
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Role Title Date
Author Poems on several occasions. By a lady. 1797
Author Self-Indulgence. A Tale of the Nineteenth Century. In two volumes. 1812
Author Conduct is Fate. In Three Volumes. 1822
Author "Alla Giornata;" or, To the Day. In Three Volumes. 1826
Author Suspirium Sanctorum; or, Holy Breathings. A series of prayers for every day in the month 1826
Author Flirtation. A Novel. In three volumes. 1827
Editor A Marriage in High Life. Edited by the authoress of 'Flirtation.' In two volumes. 1828
Author Flirtation. A Novel. Second edition. In three volumes. 1828
Author The Casket, a Miscellany, Consisting of Unpublished Poems 1829
Editor Journal of the Heart. Edited by the authoress of "Flirtation." 1830
Author Journal of the Heart. Edited By the Authoress of “Flirtation.” 1830
Author The Exclusives 1830
Author The Separation. A Novel. By the Authoress of "Flirtation". In Two Volumes. 1830
Author The Separation. A Novel. By the Authoress of “Flirtation.” In Three Vols. 1830
Author The Three Great Sanctuaries of Tuscany, Valombrosa, Camaldoli, Laverna: a Poem, with Historical and Legendary Notices. By the Right Honourable Lady Charlotte Bury. 1833
Author Flirtation. In three volumes. 1834
Author The Disinherited; and, The Ensnared. By the Authoress of "Flirtation." In Three Volumes. 1834
Author Heath's Book of Beauty. 1835. With nineteen beautifully finished engravings, from drawings by the first artists. Edited by the Countess of Blessington. 1835
Author The Devoted. By the Authoress of the "Disinherited," "Flirtation," &c. In Two Volumes. 1836

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