ID 141
Name A. K. Newman and Co.
Gender Unknown
Street Address Leadenhall Street
City London
Start Date 1820
End Date 1848


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher Letters on the improvement of the mind: addressed to a lady. By Mrs. Chapone; and A father's legacy to his daughters. By Dr. Gregory. Chapone, Hester Mulso 1810
Publisher The Mysteries of the Forest: A Novel. By Miss Mary Houghton. Houghton, Mary 1810
Publisher The Soldier of Pennaflor: or, A Season in Ireland. A Tale of the Eighteenth Century. In Five Volumes. Unknown, [Woman] 1810
Publisher The Unpublished Correspondence of Madame du Deffand; with d'Alembert, Montesquieu, the President Henault, the Duchess du Maine, Mesdames de Staal, de Choiseul, the Marquis d'Argens, the Chevalier d'Aydie, &c. Followed by the Letters of Voltaire to Madame du Deffand. Translated from the Original French, By Mrs. Meeke. In Two Volumes. Meeke, Elizabeth 1810
Publisher The parent's offering to a good child: a collection of interesting tales. By Mrs. Meeke; embellished with thirteen handsomely coloured engravings. Meeke, Elizabeth 1811
Publisher Translation Of The Letters Of A Hindoo Rajah; Written Previous To, And During The Period Of His Residence In England. To Which Is Prefixed, A Preliminary Dissertation On The History, Religion, And Manners, Of The Hindoos. By Elizabeth Hamilton, Author Of Letters On The Elementary Principles Of Education, Cottagers Of Glenburnie, &c. &c. Fifth Edition Hamilton, Elizabeth 1811
Publisher Sappho and Phaon. In a Series of Legitimate Sonnets, with Thoughts on Poetical Subjects, and Anecdotes of the Grecian Poetess. By Mary Robinson, author of Vancenza; The Widow; Angelina; Walsingham; Hubert de Sevrac; Natural Daughter; the Sicilian Lover, &c. &c. Robinson, Mary 1813
Publisher The Panorama of Europe; or, A New Game of Geography Hofland, Barbara 1813
Publisher Paul and Virginia: translated from the French of Bernardin Saint-Pierre; by Helen Maria Williams. Ninth edition. With six elegant engravings. Williams, Helen Maria 1814
Publisher Santo Sebastiano; or, The Young Protector. A Novel. In Five Volumes. By the author of "Adelaide; or, The Countercharm:" - "The Romance of the Pyrenees:" - and "The Forest of Montalbano," &c. &c. Cuthbertson, Catherine 1814
Publisher Elizabeth; or, the Exiles of Siberia. A Tale Founded Upon Facts. Translated from the French of Madame de Cottin. By Mrs. Meeke, Author of 'Conscience,' 'Matrimony,' &c. &c. Meeke, Elizabeth 1815
Publisher Evelina; or, A young lady's entrance into the world. A novel. In two volumes. By the author of Cecilia, Camilla, and The Wanderer . . . A New Edition Burney, Frances 1815
Publisher Josephine, or The advantages of a summer; intended for the instruction and amusement of young ladies. Fordyce, Mrs. 1816
Publisher The Maid of Moscow; or Iwanowna. A Novel. In Two Volumes. By Mrs. Hofland, Author of A Father as he Should Be, Visit to London, Says She to her Neighbour, Sisters, Clergyman's Widow, &c. Second edition. Hofland, Barbara 1816
Publisher Fairy tales and novels by the Countess d'Anois; translated from the French, with a biographical preface. In two volumes. d'Aulnoy, Marie-Catherine 1817
Publisher Paul and Virginia: translated from the French of Bernardin Saint-Pierre; By Helen Maria Williams. Elizabeth; or, the exiles of Siberia. A tale, founded upon facts: from the French of Madame Cottin. Williams, Helen Maria 1817
Publisher Villasantelle; or The Curious Impertinent. A Romance. By Catharine Selden, author of The English Nun, Count de Santerre, Serena, Villa Nova, German Letters, &c. &c. Selden, Catharine 1817
Publisher Amabel; or, Memoirs of A Woman of Fashion. By Mrs. Hervey. Author of the Mourtray Family, &c. In Four Volumes. Hervey, Elizabeth 1818
Publisher Anti-Delphine. A Novel. Founded on Facts. In Two Volumes. By Mrs. Byron, Author of the Borderers, Drelincourt and Rodalvi. &c. &c. Strutt, Elizabeth 1818
Publisher Nursery rhymes and infant tales. With neat engravings on wood. Taylor, Jane 1818
Publisher The Family of Santraile; or, The Heir of Montault. A Romance, in Four Volumes. By Harriot Jones, Author of Belmont Lodge, &c. &c. Second Edition. Jones, Harriet 1818
Publisher Elizabeth; or, the exiles of Siberia. A Tale. Founded on Facts. From the French of Madame de Cottin. By Mrs. Meeke. A New and Correct Edition. Meeke, Elizabeth 1819
Publisher Jane de Dunstanville; or, Characters As They Are. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Isabella Kelly, Author of Joscelina, Eva, Ruthinglenne, Modern Incident, Baron's Daughter, Secret, &c. Second Edition. Kelly, Isabella 1819
Publisher Levity and Sorrow; A German Story Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand von 1819
Publisher Original poetry for young minds. By Miss Horwood, author of "Moral Tales," "Trifles for Children," &c. &c. Second edition, enlarged and improved. Cruikshank, Robert 1819

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