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9965 A Bold Stroke for a Wife; A Comedy. By Mrs. Centlivre. With Remarks. Centlivre, Susanna
Stirling and Kenney [George Street] (Edinburgh)
12327 A Bold Stroke for a Wife: A Comedy, in five acts, by Mrs. Centlivre. Printed from the acting copy, with remarks, biographical and critical, by D—G. To which are added, a description of the costume,—cast of the characters, entrances, and exits,—relative positions of the performers on the stage,—and the whole of the stage business. As now performed at the Theatres Royal, London. Embellished with a portrait of Mr. W. Farren, in the character of Periwinkle. Engraved on steel by Mr. Woolnoth, from an original drawing, by Mr. Wageman. Centlivre, Susanna
John Cumberland [Brecknock Place] (London)
12332 A Bold Stroke for a Wife. A Comedy, in five acts, by Mrs. Centlivre. Printed from the acting copy, with remarks, biographical and critical. To which are added, a description of the costume,—cast of the character, exits, and entrances,—relative positions of the performers on the stage,—and the whole of the stage business. As now performed at the Theatres-Royal, London. Embellished with a portrait of Mr. W. Farren, in the character of Periwinkle; engraved on steel by Mr. Woolnoth, from a drawing made expressly for this work, by Mr. Wageman. Centlivre, Susanna
John Cumberland [19 Ludgate Hill] (London)
371 A Collection of Farces and Other Afterpieces, which are acted at the Theatres-Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and Hay-Market. Printed under the authority of the manager from the prompt book: selected by Mrs. Inchbald. In seven volumes. Brooke, Frances
Cowley, Hannah
Inchbald, Elizabeth
Hoare, Prince
Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand von
Kenney, James
O'Keeffe, John
du Crest de Saint-Aubin, Stéphanie Félicité
Hawkesworth, John
Tobin, John
Garrick, David
Murphy, Arthur
Jephson, Robert
Colman, George (the younger)
Dibdin, Thomas
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
Colman, George (the elder)
Dodsley, Robert
Fielding, Henry
Bickerstaff, Isaac
Foote, Samuel
Macklin, Charles
Burgoyne, John
Jackman, Isaac
Reed, Joseph
Knight, Thomas
Pearce, William
O'Hara, Kane
Birch, Samuel
Kemble, John Philip
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme (London)
12161 A Collection of Novels, Selected and Revised by Mrs. Griffith. Haywood, Eliza
Behn, Aphra
Aubin, Penelope
George Kearsley [Fleet Street] (London)
1777 1
13572 A collection of poems, mostly original, by several hands. 1789 1
860 A Descriptive Account of the Mansion and Gardens of White-Knights, a seat of his Grace the Duke of Marlborough. By Mrs. Hofland. Hofland, Barbara
Hofland, Thomas Christopher
9042 A Father as He Should Be. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Hofland, author of Says She to Her Neighbour, Clergyman's Widow, Visit to London, Patience and Perseverance, &c. Hofland, Barbara
A. K. Newman and Co. (London)
1824 2nd
4007 A hymn of praise for the abundant harvest of 1796. More, Hannah
1795 A journey made in the summer of 1794, through Holland and the western frontier of Germany, with a return down the Rhine: to which are added observations during a tour to the lakes of Lancashire, Westmoreland, and Cumberland. In two volumes. Second edition. By Ann Radcliffe. Radcliffe, Ann
George, George, and John Robinson (London)
1796 2
2292 A journey through the Crimea to Constantinople. In a series of letters from the right honourable Elizabeth Lady Craven, to His Serene Highness the Margrave of Brandebourg, Anspach, and Bareith. Written in the year MDCCLXXXVI. Craven, Elizabeth
George, George, and John Robinson (London)
1789 1
400 A Legacy for Young Ladies, Consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces, in Prose and Verse by the late Mrs. Barbauld. Barbauld, Anna Laetitia
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green (London)
1826 1
13112 A legacy, or Widow's Mite, left by Alice Hayes, to her children and others: being a brief relation of her life. To which is added, the testimony of Tottenham Monthly Meeting concerning her. Fifth Edition. Hayes, Alice
William Darton and Joseph Harvey [Gracechurch] (London)
1836 5
6990 A letter from Mrs. Gunning, addresed to His Grace the Duke of Argull. Gunning, Susannah
1791 3
11769 A Memoir of Louisa Maw, Daughter of Thomas and Lucy Maw, of Needham Market, Suffolk; who died the 16th of 3rd Month, 1828. Barton, Bernard
Maw, Louisa
Maw, Thomas
1828 1
12899 A Mirror for the Female Sex. Historical beauties for young ladies, intended to lead the female mind to the love and practice of moral goodness. Designed principally for the use of ladies' schools. By Mrs. Pilkington. The Third Edition. Ornamented with thirty engravings, beautifully cut on wood. Pilkington, Mary
Thomas Vernor and Hood [Poultry] (London)
1804 3
2422 A narrative of the life of Mrs. Charlotte Charke, (youngest daughter of Colley Cibber, Esq;) Containing, I. An Account of her Birth, Education, and mad Pranks committed in her Youth. II. Her coming on the Stage; Success there; and sundry Theatrical Anecdotes. III. Her Marriage to Mr. Charke, and its Consequences. IV. Her Adventures in Mens Cloaths, and being belov'd by a Lady of great Fortune, who intended to marry her. V. Her being Gentleman to a certain Peer. VI. Her commencing Scrolling - Player; with various and surprizing Vicissitudes of Fortune, during nine Years Peregrination. VII. Her turning Pastry Cook, &c. in Wales. With several extremely humourous and interesting Occurrences. written by herself. Charke, Charlotte
William Reeve (London)
Edmund Cook (London)
Anne Dodd (London)
1755 1
3444 A new and easy method of cookery. Treating, I. Of gravies, soups, broths, &c. II. Of fish, and their sauces. III. To pot and make hams, &c. IV. Of pies, pasties, &c. V. Of pickling and preserving. VI. Of made wines, distilling and brewing, &c. By Elizabeth Cleland. Chiefly intended for the benefit of the young ladies who attend her school. Cleland, Elizabeth
J. Bruce (London)
William Gordon [Upper Kirkgate] (Aberdeen)
Samuel Willison (Edinburgh)
Charles Wright (Edinburgh)
1755 1
2692 A new method of instruction for children from five to ten years old, Including Moral Dialogues, The Children's Island, A Tale, Thoughts And Maxims, Models Of Composition In Writing, For Children Ten or Twelve Years Old, And A New Method Of Teaching Children To Draw. Translated from the French of Madame de Genlis. du Crest de Saint-Aubin, Stéphanie Félicité
Patrick Wogan [23 Old Bridge] (Dublin)
Thomas Jackson [Parliament Street] (Dublin)
William Porter [Skinner Row] (Dublin)
1800 Irish 1
11687 A peep at the Esquimaux, or, Scenes on the ice: to which is annexed A polar pastoral: with forty coloured plates, from original designs. By a Lady. Unknown,
Westley and Tyrrell (Dublin)
Henry Rowles Thomas (London)
1825 1
11624 A Peep at the Esquimaux; or, Scenes on the Ice. To Which is Annexed, a Polar Pastoral. With Forty Coloured Plates, from Original Designs. By a Lady. Unknown,
Thomas and Joseph Allman (London)
1830 New edn
9575 A Peep into London, For Good Children. By the Author of Rural Scenes. Taylor, Jane
Gilbert, Ann Taylor
William Darton, Joseph Harvey, and Samuel Darton (London)
1823 [4th?]
11016 A Poetical Introduction to the Study of Botany. By Frances Arabella Rowden. Rowden, Frances Arabella
G. and W. B. Whittaker (London)
1818 3
9692 A Poetical Picture of America, being Observations Made, during a Residence of Several Years, at Alexandria, and Norfolk, in Virginia; Illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants: And Interspersed with Anecdotes, Arising from a General Intercourse with Society in that Country, from the Year 1799 to 1807. By a Lady. Ritson, Anne
1809 1
9446 A Selection of Scraps, in Prose and Verse, by Agnes M. Wood, and her brother, Wilton Wood, Found after Their Decease, and Printed as a Memorial, for the Gratification of Their Parents and Near Relatives. Wood, Agnes M.
Wood, Wilton
1832 1