ID 1142
Last Name Moir
First Name Anne Montgomery
Gender Female
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Author A full copy of the proof in the process of separation and aliment, at the instance of Mrs. Anne Montgomery, against George Montgomery-Moir of Leckie, her husband. Consisting of the depositions of the witnesses on both sides; -- and, the letters produced by parties and witnesses. To which are prefixed, the interlocutors pronounced in the process; the pursuer's condescendence, ... and, the defender's condescendence. 1751
Author George Montgomerie-Moir, of Leckie, Esq; - - - - appellant. Anne Montgomerie, and Mess. Alexander and Archibald Stevenson, procurators fiscal of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, for their interest, - - - - - - - - - - respondents. The respondents case. 1751
Author The Winter's Wreath 1832

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