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Last Name Winter
First Name George
Gender Male
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Author The farmer convinced; or, the reviewers of the Monthly Review anatomized; their ignorance expos’d; and their vague, futile, and fallacious assertions refuted. Also, W-----’s new and compendious system of husbandry dissected; with Remarks on his Patent Drill Machine. By Benjamin Bramble, An Old Experienced Farmer. 1788
Author A compendious system of husbandry. Containing the chemical, philosophical, and mechanical elements of agriculture; illustrating I. The properties of different soils. II. The properties of manures, and their effects. III. The most advantageous method of applying manures on the different soils. IV. The improvement of lands. V. The great superiority of, and the numerous advantages resulting from the drill, to the common mode of husbandry, clearly pointed out. VI. Experiments on grain of different sorts. Vii. Experiments on turnips, with the most effectual recipe for preventing the ravages of the fly. Viii. Experiments on fruit trees, with an account of a new, cheap, & effectual manure. IX. Experiments on fattening of hogs. X A copper-plate, and description of a patent drill machine, for planting all sorts of seed, grain, and pulse. XI. The application of substances for the analysis of soils and manures. To which is added, XII. The cause of and cure, for the rot in sheep. XIII. The most advantageous method of cultivating land without summer fallows XIV. The cause of; and cure for the smut in wheat. XV. A sure and safe recipe, for gentlemen, who farm their own estates, to get money rapidly. By George Winter, who was a practical farmer, twelve years. 1797

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